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Course - Flash CS3 Pro: Production Premium Integration - Distance

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  • Course description

    Format - 1 DVD-ROMs

    Duration - 6 Hours of Beginner to Intermediate Training

    Author - John Ulliman

    Platform - Windows & Mac OS


    The skies the limit when it comes to accessible tools in Creative Suite 3 Production Premium. John shows you how to narrow down options and select the best tool to get the job done right! Start by creating professional video projects in Premiere with transitions and effects that shine. Then, explore the power of After Effects when you animate text and graphics. You will also discover how to output your final projects in Encore as Flash files.


    Learn how to prep video in Premiere Pro, adding professional cuts, transitions, effects and titles to make your video elements fit in cleanly with your Flash interactive designs.

    See how to key video and remove the background for a inclusion in your Flash projects, making video just another character in your Flash animations.

    Create cue points for video so you can synchronize the video and your Flash elements seamlessly.

    See just how easy it is to export Flash as QuickTime and use your Flash movies as design and animation elements in other video projects.

    Finish your DVD in Encore by exporting it as a fully functional Flash Movie.


    (71 min)
    1. Setting Up a New Project
    2. Importing Clips
    3. Using the Source Monitor
    4. Placing Clips in the Timeline
    5. Adding the Remaining Clips to the Sequence
    6. Layering Video Clips
    7. Creating Titles, Part 1
    8. Creating Titles, Part 2
    9. Adding & Adjusting Audio
    10. Adding & Adjusting Video Transitions
    11. Export as FLV & Test the Movie in Flash

    (45 min)
    1. Starting a New After Effects Project
    2. Creating a Composition
    3. Animating Layers
    4. Easing Keyframes & Animating along a Path
    5. Control Speed, Animate Scale & Auto-Orient
    6. Creating & Animating Text
    7. Adding Audio
    8. Using Motion Blur & RAM Previewing
    9. Exporting to Flash & Customizing the Player

    Lesson 3: KEYING VIDEO FOR FLV (46 min)
    1. Using Effects in Premiere Pro
    2. Understanding Keying
    3. Using the RGB Difference Key
    4. Using a Garbage Matte
    5. Using the Color Key Effect
    6. Using the Chroma Key Effect
    7. Exporting a Flash Movie in Premiere Pro
    8. Compositing in After Effects
    9. The New Keylight Effect
    10. Exporting a Flash Movie

    (44 min)
    1. Creating a Shape Tween
    2. Importing a SWF into After Effects
    3. Building a Sequence in Premiere Pro
    4. Editing to Music, Part 1
    5. Editing to Music, Part 2
    6. Importing a Premiere Pro Project into After Effects
    7. Masking
    8. Exporting to Flash

    Lesson 5: USING AFTER EFFECTS FOR FLASH (54 min)
    1. Creating Text Animations in After Effects
    2. Animating the Range Selector
    3. Exporting an After Effects Project as SWF
    4. Using 3D Space
    5. Moving 3D Objects
    6. Using Lighting Effects
    7. Experimenting with Brainstorm
    8. Stabilizing Video

    (44 min)
    1. Setting Up in Premiere Pro
    2. Creating a Comp in Premiere Pro
    3. Creating & Using Markers
    4. Adding Information to Markers
    5. Making the FLV
    6. Adding ActionScript for the Cue Points
    7. Build a Function to Handle Cue Point Events
    8. Setting Up in After Effects
    9. Adding Markers Using After Effects
    10. Using the Render Queue to Export as FLV

    Lesson 7: CREATING A DVD IN ENCORE® (37 min)
    1. Creating the Encore Project
    2. Using the Preset Menus
    3. Modifying the Menu Using Photoshop®
    4. Linking Video to Buttons
    5. Adding Web Links to Buttons
    6. Exporting as SWF
    7. Limitations of the SWF

    Lesson 8: EXPORT FLASH AS QUICKTIME® (23 min)
    1. Using Publish Settings to Export to QuickTime
    2. Using the Export Movie Command
    3. Importing MOV & SWF into After Effects
    4. Exporting ActionScript as a QuickTime Movie
    5. Final Comments & Credits

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