Course - Linux: Network Administration

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  • Entry requirements
    Entry requirements Pre-requisites: Real-world experience of Linux system administration coupled with a knowledge of Linux equivalent to the Linux Intermediate System Administration course plus a knowledge of the fundamentals of TCP/IP addressing, subnetting and networking.
  • Course description
    General information

    This course is intended for existing Linux users who wish to learn more about the administration of Linux network servers and clients. This course shows you how to carry out essential network administration tasks and provides you with a thorough understanding of the underlying configuration files and settings.

    Course content


        * Introduction
        * System Boot
        * Setting up the Hostname
        * Name Resolution Order
        * Setting up a Network Adapter
        * Setting up Routing Exercise


        * Introduction
        * Manipulate the System ARP Cache - arp
        * Send Domain Name Query Packets to Name Servers - dig
        * DNS Lookup Utility - host
        * Print Network Statistics - netstat
        * Send ICMP Echo Request Packets to Hosts - ping
        * Print the Route Packets take to Network Host - traceroute
        * Query a Whois or Nicname database - whois
        * Network Exploration Tool and Security Scanner - nmap Exercise


        * Introduction to DNS
        * Understanding the Default Configuration of named
        * Customising the Configuration of named
        * Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server - dhcpd
        * Setting up a Machine to Work as a DHCP client Exercise


        * Enabling IPv4 Forwarding
        * Understanding Filtering and Chains Filtering
        * Using IPtables Ports and Services
        * Setting up a Simple Firewall
        * Network Address Translation Using IPtables
        * IP Masquerading Using IPtables
        * Configuring a Cacheing Proxy Server - squid Exercise

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