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Course - Managing Childrens Behaviour - Distance

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  • Entry requirements
    Anyone involved with children including parents and childcare practitioners.
  • Academic Title
    Successful students will receive an OCN Leven 2 Qualification which carries 6 learning credits towards futures studies, in addition you will also receive a UK Open Learning Diploma on successful completion.
  • Course description
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    Course Information

    Bringing up happy, healthy, well-adjusted children has been something of a challenge since time immemorial. And, as you can imagine in today’s fast moving, time-poor world, getting it right is more important than ever.

    The good news is, whether you are an acting childcare practitioner or simply a loving parent, you can now benefit from a unique new home study course: Managing Children’s Behaviour.

    It goes with out saying that managing behaviour effectively is absolutely crucial in bringing up children. With all the daily distractions, perhaps now more than ever, children need boundaries and rules in order to grow up into responsible adults.

    Add to your child minding skills

    This home study course has been created by a successful child psychology professional and is ideal for adding to your existing child minding skills, or indeed for anyone involved with children.

    It also fits in very well with out Child Psychology home study course.

    So whether you with to embark on a career in child minding or are simply interested in the subject, our Managing Children’s Behaviour course will provide all the professional training you need.

    Fully professional tutor support

    A personal tutor is on hand seven days a week to help you through the course, your tutor will also mark all assignments you have completed.


    What is the purpose of the course?

    The course is designed to help both parents and childcare practitioners build up a suitable framework for managing a child’s behaviour.

    How will the course help me?

    The Managing Children’s Behaviour home study course helps me in many ways and gives you valuable skills.

    It will help you:

        * Recognise the different types of behaviour in children

        * Understand the various factors influencing a child’s behaviour

        * Encourage positive behaviour in children

        * Set guidelines to deal with unwanted behaviour

        * Write and maintain suitable child management policies

        * Understand the importance of observation and assessment

        * Spot the warning signs of a child being bullied

        * Identify strategies for dealing with bullying

    The course covers the following syllabus:-

    Unit 1: An Introduction to Behaviour

        * Different types of behaviour
        * Children’s needs

    Unit 2: The Factors Influencing a Child’s Behaviour

        * Race, Culture and Religion
        * Separation and Divorce
        * Re-Marriage
        * Bereavement
        * The  Birth of a New Baby
        * Moving House
        * Child Abuse
        * Gender
        * Age
        * Short term Unwanted Behaviour

    Unit 3: Encouraging Positive Behaviour in Children

        * Using Rewards

    Unit 4: Guidelines for Dealing with Unwanted Behaviour

        * Setting Boundaries
        * Policies
        * Sticking to rules
        * Tantrums
        * Bribery

    Unit 5: Responding to Unwanted Behaviour

    ·         Ignoring the Behaviour

    ·         Distraction

    ·         Play therapy

    Unit 6: Observing and Assessing Children’s Behaviour

        * Progress
        * Personality
        * Responding
        * Health

    Unit 7: Physical Punishment

        * The Smacking Debate
        * The Law and Smacking
        * Is Smacking an Appropriate Punishment?

    Unit 8: Communicating with parents

        * Parenting Styles
        * Missing Mummy?
        * Seeking Additional Support

    Unit 9: Bullying

        * The Bully
        * The Victim
        * Seeking help and Support
        * Bullying Policies

    How do I study for the course?

    Managing Children’s Behaviour is a distance learning course that allows you to study in your own time and at your own pace. You will receive a course manual, assignments and study guide as well as full tutor support.

    How is my work assessed?

    Assessment takes the form of a series of tutor marked assignments plus one extended essay. There is no final exam. There is no work count for your assignments, however you do have to show your tutor you have fully understood the question, one sentence answers will not be accepted.

    What entry requirements do I need?

    There are no entry requirements.

    What about tutor support?

    You will receive fully qualified tutor support for a full 12 months from the date you purchased the course. To complete this course It will take in the region of 70 study hours.

    How do I send in my work?

    You can post or e-mail your assignments for marking. You don’t have to wait for your results before moving to the next section.

    Is there a complimentary course which may help?

    Yes, our Child Psychology course.

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