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Course - Modern art: 1950 - 2007

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  • Objectives
    A beginner’s guide to later 20th century and contemporary art. Key artists, movements and styles are covered including Pop Art, Postmodernism and Brit Art. Can be studied on its own or as a continuation of 'Modern art: 1900-1950'.
  • Course description
    What topics will we cover?

    The course follows a broadly chronological survey of the major phases in modern art from 1950, beginning with an in-depth study of the different approaches to abstract art in the post-war period. We then look at, in order: new approaches to the human figure; the reinvention of sculpture seen in combines, assemblage and Arte Povera; Neo-Dada and Pop Art; Minimalism; Conceptual Art; Performance Art, Fluxus and Feminist Art; Postmodernism; Land Art and Installation; Video and Internet Art. Iconic works such as Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych, Carl Andre’s Equivalent VIII and Tracey Emin’s Bed will be discussed in detail.

    By the end of this course you should be able to:

    • Recognise different styles/types of modern art
    • Describe works of modern art and express an informed personal response
    • Understand the reasons why non-traditional materials are used in modern and contemporary art
    • Understand a specific Postmodern critical theory that is used to interpret modern art
    • Understand the broad cultural and social contexts for modern art

    What level is the course?

    The course is open to all. No prior knowledge of the subject is required.

    How will I be taught?

    Each week there will be a slide presentation by the tutor. There will also be some pairs and small group activities, for example discussing objects or artefacts brought to the class. Each week there will opportunity for group discussion

    Are there any other costs (e.g. certification, materials, equipment or books I need to buy)?

    No. However, you may wish to buy some of the books on the reading list.

    What feedback will I get?

    All students complete a statement of learning form at the beginning and end of the course to assess their achievement. The pairs and small group activities in class will enable you to check your understanding with other students and the tutor. The tutor will provide informal feedback during class discussion. You will receive regular feedback from your tutor throughout the course, as and when appropriate. At the end of the course you and your tutor are asked to assess the progress you have made.

    Will I have a chance to give my views on the course?

    Yes, please complete the evaluation form at the end of your course. These are monitored and help us to continually improve our courses.

    When I've finished, what course can I do next?

    You may like to take the other courses in this series on modern art: Modern Art 1850-1900 and Modern Art 1900-1950. Contemporary Art Showing in London may also interest you.

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