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Course - Psychology (In the Workplace) - Distance

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  • Entry requirements
    There are no pre-requisites for this course.
  • Academic Title
    On successful completion you will receive a UK Open Learning Certificate.
  • Course description
    Course Overview

    The course is designed to provide you with an overview and Introduction to understanding Psychology in the workplace.

    This is an ideal course for anyone wishing to improve their skills in understanding and managing staff and understanding how to deal with events and find explanations for workplace psychological problems

    Study Details

    This course can be studied at your own pace and there are no deadlines for assignments, however you must complete the course within 12 months from the date you purchased the course. To complete this course it will take in the region of 100 study hours which can be spread over a 12 month period.


    As an UK Open Learning home learning student you will have access to your own personal tutor helping you with your course work and with any questions you may have.

    Exam Details

    Your course consists of the 12 Units and six Tutor Marked Assignments are required to be completed and sent to the college for marking.

    You will find the Tutor Marked assignments set within your course, and these should be completed as and when you get to them.

    There is no specific word count for the assignments, however you must prove to your tutor that you have fully understood the assignments. One sentence answers will be rejected.

    Payment Method:

    You can choose to pay in full at the time of ordering, or you can pay in monthly installments.

    If you would like to pay in installments, we would need one of the installments as a deposit with your order (either by cheque or by credit/debt card) we will take the rest of the installments off the card for the remaining months. For further details on paying by installments please call UK Open Learning or e-mail.

    Course Outline:

    Introduction to Workplace Psychology

          A definition of psychology

          A study of the individual

          The effects of the environment

          The reality of the mind

          Mental experience

          Adaptation to the environment

    Defining Psychology

          Sensation and perception

          Thinking processes

          A description of imagery and its uses


          The power and value of attention



          Constructing the memory

    The use of Sensation & Perception



          Intelligence, knowledge and temperament

          The formation of character

          Deviation in character

          The classification of temperament and character

          Understanding Personality Concepts

          Psychological testing

          The preparation of selection tests

          Vocational guidance

          Testing of general intelligence

          Testing for technical ability

          Testing for other qualities and traits

          Individual traits

          Vocational selection


          Training methods

    Using Psychological Testing

          Management requirements


          The importance of managers

          The factors required to achieve success in management

          Choosing executives

    Management of the Workplace

          The physical environment

          What are accidents?

          Environmental effects

          Accidents and the individual

          Accident proneness


    The Workplace Environment


          Overall incentives

          Workplace incentives

          Incentives external to the working environment

          The relational character of incentives

          Social reinforcers as incentives

          Labour wastage

    How to Motivate the Workforce



          Application blank


          Psychological tests

          The use of rating scales

    Behavioural Psychology

          Introduction to social psychology

          Organisational groups

          The influence of groups

          Group think

          The characteristics of industrial groups

          Social assumptions

          Problems between groups in organisations

          Reducing the negative influences of intergroup competition

          Preventing intergroup conflict

    Workforce Behaviour


          Brief classification of mental disorders

          Entry of variants into industry

          The partially disabled

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