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Financial Risk Management Seminar or Course

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  • Course description
    By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:  Give the general definition of risk;  Illustrate the models towards understanding risk;  Explain the underlying principle of financial risk management;  Describe financial risk in the organisational setting;  Establish the link between financial risk and the market dynamics;  Determine the situation in which liquidity risk arises;  Enumerate some sources of operating risk;  Specify what are involved in managing fraud risk;  Determine why settlement risk has been historically a particular problem in the foreign exchange markets;  Determine how corporate strategy leads to effective risk management;  Define derivatives;  Determine an investor’s reason for investing in a derivative security;  Describe asset behaviour and pricing implication;  Know when credit risk arises;  Determine how credit risks are calculated;  Ascertain the importance of considering counterparty risk in evaluating contracts;  Describe the legal and political risk environment;  Indicate the effects of risk in the economy;  Establish the primary role of technology in risk management;  Specify risks that are associated with socio-cultural change;  Cite some risk within the financial institutions;  Enumerate the different kinds of banking risk and explain each;  Determine the reason for the existence of foreign currency market;  Establish the link between risk and equity market;  Discuss about future’s market risk;  Determines the extent to which the company is affected by economic exposure;  Illustrate the channels of economic exposure;  Illustrate their knowledge to what type of company is susceptible to transaction exposure;  Cite some strategies to manage transaction exposure;  Indicate when translation exposure occurs;  Calculate risk in financial exposure;  Conduct a risk assessment;  Demonstrate an understanding on how to manage risk with forward contracts;  Identify some financial methods of measuring risk;  Demonstrate how financial risks are quantified;  Specify some qualitative approaches to financial risk assessment;  Find out how the interest rate derivatives market are managed;  Demonstrate an understanding on how to manage equity risk;  Identify and measure currency risk;  Manage currency risk;  Discuss about sensitivity analysis as risk management;  Manage risk with SWAPS;  Find out how statistical analysis is used as a risk management instrument;  Interpret statistical data;  Demonstrate an understanding of mean and statistical mean;  Explain probability and normal distribution;  Calculate statistics from actual data;  Demonstrate an understanding of the significance of statistics;  Explain the concept of   Chi-Squared Distribution; and  Use PESTEL in risk management.

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