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Foundations in Leadership for Medical Practitioners - Online

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  • Academic Title
    Certificate of Educational Studies
  • Course description

    This online course is a way of developing your role by introducing you to ideas and exercises aimed at helping you enhance your strategic leadership skills. Leadership skill is developed through experience, exposure to effective role models, familiarity with theoretical leadership models, personal reflection, feedback and the study of personal heroes who inspire you.

    The course is designed for medical practitioners to support their development in a leadership role. It is equally suitable to senior and middle managers within the healthcare industry.

    Background information

    In the UK, leadership is firmly on the NHS (National Health Service) agenda and training programmes for doctors.

    "It is not enough for a clinician to act as a practitioner in their own discipline.  They must act as partners to their colleagues, accepting shared accountability for the service provided to their patients.  They are also expected to offer leadership and to work with others to change systems when it is necessary for the benefit of patients."
    Tomorrow's Doctors, 20

    Such an agenda is typical, worldwide. This Strategic Leadership Programme is designed to help you learn how to:

    • create strategy
    • plan
    • build morale
    • develop administrative expertise
    • form and maintain effective relationships
    • create alliances
    • build trust.

    This programme will help you to develop these skills to make you more effective in your role and will help you to develop those people who report to you and without whom you cannot succeed.

    Course structure

    There are six modules. Each module contains a number of topics and each topic is introduced and its relevance explained. There are exercises for you to complete and you may be encouraged to ask for feedback from appropriate people. Often there will be a questionnaire for you to explore your competence and to identify your development needs. You will be encouraged to set an action plan to develop an area of competence. You will also be encouraged to carry out the action plan and assess your level of success.

    Module content

    • Module 1 - Understanding strategic leadership
    • Module 2 - Understanding yourself
    • Module 3 - Creating direction
    • Module 4 - Leading others
    • Module 5 - Communicating and being visible
    • Module 6 - Creating results
    Course duration

    The modules have been designed for you to work at your own pace, although it is expected that you will complete the course within 12 months. There may be an area that you are very competent in and you may only need to be reminded of good practice. There may be areas or subjects that are particularly challenging and you may want to spend some time developing your skills and testing yourself to your satisfaction.

    Benefits of this online course include:
    • Six modules delivered online
    • Tutor support
    • Complete online tasks and quizzes
    • Flexible timescale
    • Quick and easy access
    Course creation and delivery

    This course is created in collaboration with The College of Teachers and National Inspections. The course content is developed and supported by National Inspections, a UK-based organisation that promotes good practice around the world, and is delivered and developed online by The College of Teachers.

    Course accreditation

    This course is unique in that it leads to a Certificate of Educational Studies from The College of Teachers upon successful completion.

    Student Membership of The College

    The course also includes Student Membership of The College for a duration of one year, which provides additional benefits such as online access to our Journal and Newsletter as well as online forums.

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