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An Introduction to Astrology

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  • Course description
    Our Foundation Course is divided into three terms with Term One and Term Two together creating a thorough introduction to astrology in a self-contained course. In Term Three students get to consolidate their interpretational skills and are introduced to some basic forecasting.

    Term One
    In the first term you will be guided through some of the major components of the horoscope - the Planets, Elements and Signs.

    Term Two
    You will be introduced to the angles and houses of the horoscope, rulerships, retrogradation, aspects, aspect patterns, chart shapings, the Sun-Moon cycle, nodes, eclipses and basic astronomy. By the end of this term, you will understand something of your own horoscope and that of others.

    Whilst the emphasis will be on interpretation, you will also learn how to calculate and draw up a birth-chart for anywhere in the world, and be introduced to the basic astronomy of the horoscope.

    Given that many astrologers nowadays use computers, you will also have opportunity to discover the software available. Our aim is that you will have a firm foundation of astrological principles upon which to build further understanding.

    Term Three
    In the third term, as well as gaining confidence in and having fun with interpretation, you will learn to spot themes in horoscopes, look at case studies and celebrity charts, and be introduced to basic forecasting.

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