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IGCSE Business Studies Course - Distance

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  • Objectives
    Business Studies encompasses many of the aspects of everyday transactions, from setting up a company to understanding how purchases are made, from understanding how marketing works to accounting and finance.
    This completely new IGCSE course is designed to help meet the needs of those who want an introduction to this challenging subject either with a view to further study at A Level or simply to supplement a portfolio of IGCSE/GCSE subjects. This qualification will provide you with a broad introduction to the key components of this exciting and challenging field.
  • Academic Title
    IGCSE in Business Studies (Edexcel 4BS0)
  • Course description
    Who is the awarding body?

    The awarding body is Edexcel.

    How is the course structured?

    We will begin by looking at what the examination board, Edexcel, will require of you in the way of examinations.  You will be referred to what you need to do in terms of registration and arranging with an external centre for you to take the examinations.
    Once the administration matters have been cleared up, we will look at the specification we will be following, namely the IGCSE in Business Studies (Edexcel 4BS0).
    For the purposes of this distance learning programme, we will be preparing you for the exam only.
    As part of your course, you will be supplied with the Study Guide for IGCSE and A Levels. Do make use of this as it has been written to help you with your studies and to supplement the specific information and guidance given in the course material itself.

    What does the course prepare me for?

    The study pack is designed to closely match the curriculum content of syllabus and will provide you with the information and support you’ll need to take the exams with confidence.
    The materials and accompanying exercises provided will help you to develop the necessary knowledge and confidence to successfully attempt the exams. The key parts of the course which are important in every aspect are planning your studies and practice assessments.

    What will the course cover?

    Unit 1:  Business Activity and the Changing Environment 

    1.1 -  Objectives
    1.2 -  Types of organisation
    1.3 -  Factors of Production
    1.4 -  Primary, secondary and tertiary activity
    1.5 -  Location
    1.6 -  Government influences on business activity and objectives
    1.7 -  External influences
    1.8 -  Judging Success
    End of Unit Submission  

    Unit 2:  Human Resources 

    2.1 - Internal Organisation
    2.2 - Communication
    2.3 - Recruitment and Selection
    2.4 - Training
    2.5 - Motivation and Rewards
    End of Unit  Submission

    Unit 3:  Accounting and Finance 

    3.1 - External and Internal Sources of Finance
    3.2 - Budgets and Cash Flow Forecasts
    3.3 - Cost and Break Even Analysis
    3.4 - Financial Statements
    3.5 - Ratios and Performance
    End of Unit  Submission 

    Unit 4: Marketing 

    4.1 - The Market
    4.2 - The Marketing Mix
    4.3 - Market Research
    End of Unit  Submission  

    Unit 5: Production 

    5.1 - Economies and Diseconomies of Scale
    5.2 - Methods of Production
    5.3 - Productivity
    5.4 - Quality
    End of Unit  Submission 
    We have deliberately designed the course to make it as interactive as possible with lots of self-assessment exercises for you to carry out prior to you taking the End of Unit submissions. These are assignments which you will send them to your tutor and receive feedback to improve your knowledge and skills in handling examination questions.

    What will be in the examinations?

    This Edexcel IGCSE in Business Studies is assessed through a written examination paper.

    Paper 1: Business Studies Paper code: 4BS0/01• Externally assessed

    Overview of content

    • Business Activity and the Changing Environment – examines the objectives of businesses, the changing environment and the criteria for judging success. The focus is on the importance of having clear business objectives and how the business environment provides opportunities for, and imposes constraints upon, the pursuit of those objectives.
    • Human Resources – looks at people in organisations focusing on their roles, relationships and management in business.
    • Accounting and Finance – explores the use of accounting and financial information as an aid to decision making.
    • Marketing – focuses on identifying and satisfying customer needs in a changing and competitive international environment.
    • Production – examines the way organisations use and manage resources to produce goods and services.
    Overview of assessment
    • The assessment of this qualification is through a two-hour examination paper, set and marked by Edexcel.
    • Single tier of entry.
    • The total number of marks available is 100.

    Where do I sit my examinations?

    Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to find and register with a centre to take the examinations. UK Open Learning cannot take any responsibility for this.
    You should approach local schools and colleges to see if they are willing to accept you as a Private Candidate. When consulting them, take with you details of the specification as they are far more willing to listen to your request if they can see immediately what will be involved on their part. Do stress that there is no coursework component involved, merely one exam of two hours. Have the syllabus number to hand as well.

    Is UK Open Learning my centre for the examinations?

    No. Your centre is the one you have to find to sit your examinations through.

    When can I sit my examinations?

    The examinations are available in June only each year. You do need to ensure that your centre is able and willing to handle your entry. They are not obliged to accept you as a candidate so do not make any assumption that you will be able to do the exams when you wish.

    A further consideration is whether you are allowing yourself time to complete the necessary preparation prior to taking the exams. You are allowed twelve months’ support from UK Open Learning so you will need to take this into account when making your plans. It may be possible to extend you tutorial time but this will be subject to an extra charge by your UK Open Learning tutor.

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