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German beginner Course. April-July 2014

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  • Course description

    Course Objectives:


    -          Greetings and farewells (formally/informally)

    -          Introducing yourself (saying who you are, where you come from/ live; asking someone else for that information)

    -          Use of German phonetics (ABC), spelling your name

    -          Numbers 0-1000+

    -          Saying how you are

    -          Talking about countries, nationality, languages and cities

    -          Give and ask for details of the family

    -          Jobs and professions

    -          Hobbies

    -          Stating likes and dislikes

    -          Asking for directions Ordering food and drink…Buying consumer goods

    -          Shopping: asking for/giving prices

    -          Saying how often you do things

    -          Booking a hotel room

    -          Telling the time

    -          Talking about daily routines and work



    -          Short Statements

    -          Fragen: WH- questions – W- Fragewörter

    -          Wer, Wo, Woher, Wie, Wer

    -          Verb endings – present tense, regular and irregular verbs

    -          Word order

    -          Personal pronouns

    -          Negative sentences

    -          Gender and articles

    -          Plural of nouns

    -          Possessive adjectives

    -          Some forms of the imperative

    -          Verbs and vowel changes

    -          Separable verbs

    -          Modal verbs: können, müssen, dürfen, mögen und wollen

    -          Verbs haben and sein

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