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Oxford Brookes University will contribute to the intellectual, social and economic development of the communities it serves through teaching, research and enterprise of the highest standards.


Our vision for 2010 is for Oxford Brookes University to play a leading role in the socio-economic and cultural development of the communities that it serves. Through interchange between teachers, students, businesses, public agencies, professional bodies, voluntary organisations and community representatives, Oxford Brookes will be recognised as more than just a university.

By working in partnership regionally, nationally and internationally, Oxford Brookes will be a university rooted in its locality but also globally connected, especially through its internationally focused curriculum. Its academic portfolio will be focused towards the professions, employment and continuous professional development and promote human understanding and creativity.

As a premier teaching and learning institution, Oxford Brookes University will be learner centred. Research will be directed towards knowledge creation and transfer as well as underpin high quality teaching and learning. Sports, arts and community volunteering will be highly valued as social and cultural programmes for both students and staff.

Oxford Brookes will be a vibrant and exciting institution to be associated with. Supporting students, valuing staff and working in partnership will be at the heart of all those who work within the University. Those associated with the University will be confident in the knowledge that they are part of a supportive learning community that delivers high quality education and research.

The University will have broken down the barriers between education and work by providing flexible and convenient learning opportunities that enhance work and personal prospects, particularly for those people within our local region and our alumni. Through increasing participation amongst people who might not otherwise consider studying within higher education and by expanding our programmes delivered in partnership within the region and overseas, the number of people studying for an Oxford Brookes University award will have grown.


In the conduct of its work, Oxford Brookes University will uphold the following values:

    * Excellence - delivering the highest standards and rewarding excellence
    * Innovation - developing and incorporating new ideas and ways of operating
    * Enterprise - being resourceful and nurturing talent
    * Equality - promoting inclusivity and valuing diversity
    * Social responsibility - ensuring the understanding and care of people and stewardship of environmental and public resources.

Strategic goals

By serving regional, national, and international communities, the University will pursue three key aims so that by 2010 Oxford Brookes University will be:

   1. A premier learning and teaching institution that is student centred. It will have a distinctive academic portfolio that promotes human understanding and creativity, and is focused towards the professions, employment and continuous professional development,
   2. A research community that equally values research and knowledge transfer, where all externally assessed research areas attain national, and most attain international, standards of excellence,
   3. A responsive higher education partner playing a leading role in the socio-economic development of the regional community.

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