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International MBA
Institution: Eada Business School
Method: At the institution
Type: MBA
Course Fee: euros 36,000

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International MBA - Barcelona - Spain

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International MBA - Barcelona - Spain International MBA - Barcelona - Spain
Course Description:
International MBA.

Start date: 18/09/2017
Program fee: €36.000

  • Age: 21-35
  • Duration: 10 months
  • Language: English
  • Format: Full Time

MBA Internacional: Ranked 34th MBA in Europe.
+74% salary increase after graduation
Ranked 25th Business School in Europe.

At EADA, we are determined to get the best out of you and to help you evolve on a personal and professional level.

If you accept the challenge, our International MBA offers a bilingual programme with three distinct paths of development which will allow you to specialise in key areas. You can choose your path and enhance your experience with a business trip to a leading international institution in India, the U.K. or the U.S.


Our success depends on yours!
85% of the participants are employed after 3 months. 88% of them change companies, 7% return to the same company and 5% launch their own company.


The International MBA has two core MBA modules in Spanish or English, one specialisation module in English, and a fourth optional exchange module, choosing between more than 29 partner schools worldwide (flight and accommodation included):

Core MBA modules:

  • Management Fundamentals
  • Case Methodology
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Financial Analysis for Managers
  • Analysis of the Economic Environment
  • Strategic Thinking: Analysis
  • Market and Business Research
  • Marketing Management: Identigying and Creating Value
  • Leading Oneself
  • Developing Functional Expertise
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Marketing Management: Identigying and Sustaining Value
  • Business Simulation
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Operations Management
  • Management of Information Systems (MIS)
  • Leanding Others, Leading Teams
  • Integrating Business Knowledge
  • Strategic Thinking: Decision Decision Making and Implementation
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Valuation: Measurement and Management of Value
  • Management Control Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Leadership
Business language skills in English /Spanish.

Paths of Development.
Global Innovation Management.
Business Trip to Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) Bangalore, India.

Customer Experience and Multichannel Management.
Business Trip to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Hong Kong.

Energy and Structured Finance.
Business Trip to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Almaty, Kazakhstan

Continue your Transformation
5th Term: Exchange Module
Exchange Programme with more than 29 partner schools worldwide.

The International MBA program also includes a final business project, a personal development and executive coaching and business language skills in English/Spanish.


You can choose in wich area will you specialise:

1. Global Innovation Management
We define innovation as the ability to reap benefits from creativity and use them to a competitive advantage. Innovation is one of the best ways to accelerate change and a key tool in adapting to global surroundings. This path of development includes an international business trip to Bangalore, India.

2. Customer Experience & Multichannel Management
Distribution analyses the way in which a product or service arrives at its final destination. Recent technological advances have changed the digital ecosystem, how we buy and through which channels. As a result, it is important to understand the direction in which future businesses are heading. Participants will take part in an international business trip to Hong Kong, China.

3. Structured Finance & Energy
The relationship between the finance and energy sectors is strategically important on a global level. This path of development will concentrate on the interaction between the two and the resulting impact on the business world, including an international business trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The EADA experience

EADA’s two centres are dedicated to developing both hard skills and soft skills.

EADA-Barcelona (city centre):

Where participants work in real-life case studies, business simulations, analysis and group discussions.

Participants are consistently placed in real-life business situations, challenged to think like executives and make strategic decisions.

EADA-Residential Training Centre:

Where participants take part in outdoor training, role plays and team-building activities.

Participants will develop the emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills and leadership capabilities it takes to be a good manager.

How do I request information about this program?

Through the application form displayed on this page you can contact us and we will inform you about all the details of the admission process for the International MBA.

Is the MBA Internacional made for me?

The International MBA is designed to foster the development of people with a university degree in the early career stages.
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