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  • Academic Title
    Management MSc
  • Course description
    The MSc in Management has been designed to enable graduates from a wide range of disciplines to develop knowledge and skills in key areas of modern management so that they are fully prepared to launch their careers.

    Students will benefit from its wide range of generalist and specialist management modules and be thoroughly prepared for their first entry to a career in management. It is an academically rigorous degree, with very high expectations for the levels of study to be carried out. It also includes highly practical, student-driven elements. This balance is deliberate, as we expect our graduates to gain employment with some of the world's best known organisation.

    The course commences in September with a Foundations of Management workshop which prepares students with some of the concepts whey will need for the course. Included in this workshop is a team building weekend which allows our extremely international cohort the chance to bond with each other, enabling them to excel in the group work required on the programme.

    There are four pathways in this programme: marketing, internal auditing, generalist management and film business.

    Course Content - Ahead of the game

    We regularly review all our courses to keep them up-to-date on issues of both theory and practice. Consequently, there may be some change to the detailed content of the modules and occasionally to module titles.

    The course commences in September with a Foundations of Management workshop which prepares students with some of the concepts necessary to complete the programme. Included in this workshop is a team-building weekend which allows our diverse, international cohort to bond with each other.

        * Term 1 (common core)

    Six core modules (30 hours each)

    Accounting and finance

    A sound understanding of accounting and financial principles and practices is an essential component of the range of skills an effective manager needs in a modern organisation. This module will equip students with an understanding of the most common accounting practices and also provide them with an understanding of the principles of finance and the valuation of financial instruments.

    Corporate Governance

    This extremely topical module addresses the nature and application of contemporary corporate governance. Issues covered include the role and function of boards of directors, internal and external auditors and stakeholder theory.

    Principles of Marketing

    The general aim of the course is to demonstrate that marketing is essentially about understanding that the way for an organisation to stay in business is to serve customers better than the competition, and to continue to do so over time. It also focuses on how to plan and implement marketing strategies; in other words, how the marketing objectives of a company can be translated into desired customer reactions. This entails studying critical concepts such as consumer behaviour and segmentation and reviewing the relative importance of the core elements of the marketing mix, namely product, promotions, price, and place (distribution). These critical marketing concepts will be applied to a real life marketing problem by writing a marketing plan for a new product.

    Operations & Information Management

    Better, effective managers recognise that operations and information management form the technical core of a company's strategy. In this module you will learn how to manage operations better by recognising the type of service or production process, by seeing the management situation in this context and by managing information through the use of technology. You will also study process improvement, using as examples types of process that range from one-off projects (project management) to mass production.

    Organisational Behaviour & HRM

    Much of the work of a modern manager depends on proper motivation and development of people. In this module, a balance of practical and theoretical learning is used to provide a sound basis for dealing with people at all levels.

    Strategy & Business Policy

    Strategic analysis and long term planning are among the most crucial activities carried out by senior management. This module introduces important themes and techniques through a balance of practice and theory.

        * Term 2 (common core)

    Two core modules (30 hours each)

    Advanced Practice of Management

    On this module Students work at management level for the organisation Cass Management Consultants (CMC). The mission statement of CMC is to develop world class managers of the future. It is an organisation dedicated to selecting and creating great managers for employers of managers. This module explores the extent to which management is treated as a profession and the extent to which students plan to treat it is a profession.

    Quantitative Methods

    This module introduces students to the most frequently used quantitative methods for analysing business data. Students will develop the ability to apply quantitative methods to a range of business cases from a variety of contexts and to interpret the results of their application. Students will also learn how to use spreadsheets and other software to implement quantitative methods and learn to address business problems in a structured way and appreciate the role of judgement and critical thinking in quantitative analysis.

    Specialist subjects: Choose one pathway from


        * Advanced Strategy Analysis
        * Global Strategy
        * Supply Chain Management


    Internal Auditing

        * Auditing Information Systems
        * Controlling and Auditing Systems
        * Operational Auditing



        * Consumer Behaviour
        * International Marketing
        * Marketing Strategy Simulation



        * Business Planning Project
        * High-Growth Entrepreneurship
        * Idea Generation, Market Research & Innovation for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

    All students also study the Research Project Skills module.

        * Term 3

    Two electives and a Business Research Project


    You may choose from a wide variety of electives. For example:

        * Customer Relationship Management
        * Financial Crime: Issues for managers
        * Global Sourcing Strategy
        * Innovation and New Product Development
        * International Human Resource Management
        * Management Accounting techniques
        * Managing Customers in Business to Business Marketing
        * Strategies of Fast Track Venturing

    Research Methods module

    This compulsory module trains students to undertake independent research either in the context of a single organisation or by using third-party sources. It provides the necessary tools and skills to initiate, research and write up a business project and includes training in research methodology, availability of data sources, project writing, time-management and presentation skills. These skills will also be invaluable to students in their future career.

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