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Master - Premium Design Management - Part-time

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  • Course description
    Master - Premium Design Management.

    Design Management for the Luxury Sector.

    The Specializing Master that combine design and marketing to analyze and reinterpret the strategies of the luxury sector brands in an innovative way.


    The Specializing Master involves the deepening of issues related to the design of a new kind of marketing and management in the luxury sector, with the involvement of transversal disciplines and according to themes and strategies belonging to the two fields of Design and Economic Management.
    The market of luxury goods and services, in particular, with its recent trend of commercialization of experiences, rather than just products, offers a unique meeting ground between the theoretical and practical areas related to the design, and the analyzes and studies related to the world of marketing and business management.



    Attendance in the activities covered by the Master is compulsory for at least 75% of the course activities.

    Training objectives:

    Aim of the Specializing Master is to train key figures able to mediate instances of management and corporate marketing with the needs of products, spaces and services characterized by high or very high quality of design.

    Didactic Plan:

    The course is structured by thematic areas, each of which is managed by a faculty made up of professors from the Politecnico di Milano, experts from businesses and studios and other universities.
    During the Specializing Master is provided a internship.
    Verification tests and a final exam are scheduled. The final exam consists in the presentation and discussion of an essay realized during the Specializing Master.

    Didactic Modules:

    The program is divided into the following teaching and teaching activities divided into four units:


    The warm-up module will introduce students to the culture of Design, proposing a synthesis of the current scenarios and the reference context, providing the basic tools for understanding and studying the history of Design and Fashion and to support them in their interpretation of the latest trends.


    The first unit will analyze the main case studies of the best contemporary design for the luxury sector. The most recent theories underlying the contemporary developments of the Design and Fashion system in Europe will also be analyzed, with practical examples of the main innovations of the discipline.


    The second module will investigate not only the most important and iconic products of contemporary luxury, but also the contribution offered by design during the planning or redesign of a brand itself.


    Communication is today undoubtedly one of the main areas of interest of Design: the object of this study will therefore not only be a coordinated image, not only communication through new digital channels and creativity at the service of online marketing, but also the basic tools for a sociology of consumption and for the development of a small autonomous project in the field of communication for luxury under the supervision of the teachers of the Politecnico.


    The last unit will be entirely dedicated to the potential offered by design in the commercial and experiential sectors for the luxury segment, with attention also to new forms of luxury, now expressed through new products and services for new consumers. In addition to the theoretical introduction to the themes of buying, visual merchandising and events, students will also be offered practical activities with targeted visits and design modules, to facilitate a better understanding of the development dynamics of creative processes and allow students a view behind the fifth.

    An optional course with a total duration of about 100 hours on the following topics:

        Luxury Management,
        Luxury Marketing of Goods & Services.

    Title Released:

    Upon completion, students earn a Politecnico di Milano first-level Specializing Master in “PREMIUM DESIGN MANAGEMENT”.
    The Specializing Master grants 60 CFU, equivalent to 60 ECTS.

    Employment Opportunities:

    Employment opportunities are mainly in the luxury sector which has multiple areas not affected by any crisis, in addition to opportunities in the area of services and of planning and management of events and exhibitions. There are also prospects in the areas of design and strategic marketing.



    The Specializing Master is open to candidates who have a Bachelor or a Master of Science in Economy, Engineering Management, Architecture, Industrial Design (or equivalent qualifications under the law), or in other disciplines where the Master course is complementary to the candidate’s previous experiences. The Board reserves the right to select and admit graduates or applicants with a university degree from other universities, on condition that those academic qualifications are compatible with the Specializing Master’s subjects and/or applicants with a curriculum vitae that is coherent with the Specialising Master. For foreign applicants, the Master is open to students holding equivalent qualifications.

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