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Master in Corporate Finance & Law
Institution: ESADE
Method: At the institution
Type: Masters
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Master in Corporate Finance & Law - Spain Master in Corporate Finance & Law - Spain
Corporate finance operations are characterized by a vital legal and economic . Acquire comprehensive and multidisciplinary knowledge of legal, financial, accounting and tax regulations regarding corporate finance operations, both nationally and internationally. . Develop constructive criticism skills with regard to the functional and strategic use of financial instruments and techniques.
Course Description:
Intake: 25
Duration: 1 academic year.
Start date: beginning of October 2009.
End date: July 2010.
Total hours: 300.
Fees: 11.315 euros.
Method: Face-to-face.
Campus: Barcelona.
Dedication: Part-time.
Class schedule: Fridays: 9.30am-2pm and 3.30pm-8pm.
Language: Spanish.

Qualification: Master in Corporate Finance & Law.
Student Profile: Professional working in Law or Finance.

Academic induction block

Corporate Law Introduction to principles of accounting
December Finance
Tax Law and Corporate Tax

Specialization block in mergers and the financial 
OctoberI. Mergers and Acquisitions
II. Financial market operations

November     December January
 Restructuring and private equity   February

MarchIntroduction to company valuation Corporate mergers and demergers

April   Capital cost. Financial structure and valuation Financial derivatives 
May   June  LBOs, Project finance and stock options Stock Markets 
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