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  • Course description

    Deusto Business School is launching its international full-time MBA in January 2013. Our intention is for it to become the most prominent and international program of the School.


    Deusto MBA delivers a unique experience to participants through its approach and methodology. The differential nature of the program is encapsulated in four specific features of the curriculum:

    - The Approach to Sustainability

    - The approach to the Digital Networked Enterprise

    - Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a hands-on approach to a Real Project

    - The Sustain4 Service Learning Program:
    1. Theoretical Training in the Classroom
    2. Practical Training in the South



    During this semester, students will become familiar with the content of the course and the skills needed to heighten their awareness of the context and environment in which companies operate.

    From an international perspective, country analyses and the macro and micro perspectives of the global economy, students will gain the skills needed for formulating a strategy for aligning global trends with local markets. This will be supported by
    financial analysis and an examination of capital markets.


    During this semester, students will work on the execution of strategy, i.e. how to sell a product or service, how to organize a company and how to prepare to implement operations.

    The objective of this semester is for students to master the implementation of any strategy, identify the most critical parts of the company, and discover the link between them. However, to introduce a strategy, managers need to be aware of change
    management techniques and how to work in teams in order to transform them and/or a company.



    This semester takes place in San Sebastian and New York, and focuses on the  elective courses. The students will be able to choose electives from four different tracks: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Sustainability and the Digital and
    Networked Enterprise.

    It is expected that students will chose four electives courses during this period: two in San Sebastián and two in NY.


    Quantitative methods

    Innovation and entrepreneurship
    Country analysis
    International business
    Global agenda
    Legal context
    Digital enviroment
    Strategic analysis
    Formulating the strategy
    Digital & networked strategy
    The role of business in society
    Advanced accounting
    Sustainability accounting
    Reading financial reports
    Investment decisions
    Corporate finance
    Financial inst. & Capital markets
    Critical thinking
    Creativity workshop

    Strategic marketing
    Digital marketing
    Organizational behavior
    Managing talent
    IT - transforming into the digital company
    Supply chain management
    E-procurement & digital supply chain mgt
    Responsible supply-chain management
    Change management
    Project management
    Managing the company
    Digital communication
    Managing global teams
    Digital leadership
    Decision making
    Problem solving skills
    Management accounting & controlling
    CSR implementation

    Chosen from:
    Innovation and entrepreneruship
    Digital business


    Deusto MBA is not a traditional program and is not for everyone. It is designed for participants who seek to enhance their managerial competencies and skills, whilst developing the appropriate attitudes and aptitudes for solving the management
    and leadership challenges of the 21st century. In short, we are seeking to help shape authentic managers of change who are prepared to look for more complex but sustainable solutions to the corporate global challenges of today and of the future.


    - Mikel Larrein
    - Oswaldo Lorenzo Ochoa
    - Laura Albareda
    - Ricardo Aguado
    - Nekane Aramburu
    - Amaia Arizkuren
    - Elena Ochoa
    - Javier Chércoles
    - Lourdes Moreno
    - Bradd Googins
    - Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi
    - Ravi Fernando
    - Phil Mirvis
    - Andreas Rasche
    - Jeff Senne



    Candidates fulfilling the following requirements may apply:

        * Experience: Approximately five years' experience in managerial positions.
        * Academic background: Officially recognised university degree.
        * English: Advanced level in both written and spoken English.

    The admission process includes:

        * GMAT or similar exam. If the candidate does not wish to sit the GMAT (the code for the EMBA at Deusto Business School is HLJ-NS-92), he/she is required to take a similar exam on the day of the interview.
        * English: Candidates must submit an official certification to accredit their level of English (TOEFL, Cambridge, TOEIC or IELTS) or adequately demonstrate a command of the language.  This process may include a language placement test at the University of Deusto Language Centre, depending on the case.
        * Interview: The Admissions Committee will hold a personal interview with candidates, during which their motivations and profile will be assessed to ensure the programme yields optimum results.

    This Committee will assess candidates according to the following criteria:

        * Relevance of the candidate's professional experience .
        * Qualifications submitted by the candidate.
        * If the programme content is suitable for the candidate's specific needs and motivation.

    Admissions is ongoing and may take up to two months before applicants receive final notification from the Admissions Committee.  The programme has a limited number of places which are filled several months before the starting date.  Applicants are therefore advised to apply as soon as possible.


    Special prices are available for University of Deusto alumni. For further information, contact the Programme Director.

    The following terms and conditions apply to the payment of programme fees:
    > 10% when the place in the programme is confirmed (pre-enrolment).
    > 20% en January.
    > 20% in July.
    > 20% in December.
    > 30% in March of the second year.

    Pre-enrolment :

    Candidates are requested to pay a deposit  in order to secure their place on the programme (10% of the total fees). The deposit will be debited from the total programme fees. Failure to pay this deposit within the corresponding deadline will result in loss of a place in the programme.

    Financial assistance:

    Deusto Business School has agreements with several banks to offer financial assistance to candidates enrolling in the programme.

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