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Motion 5 Introduction One Day Course

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  • Course description
    Date 04/03/2013

    Price: £110 (Concessions £66)
    Earlybird Discount: £88 (book for Spring by 8th February)

    In this introductory class, you will be taken through the Motion 5 User interface and gain fundamental Motion skills such as working with groups and layers;  animating with keyframes and behaviours; working with text, shapes, replicators and masks; applying filters and publishing your finished Motion creations to Final Cut Pro X. You will also learn  how to create user-customisable titles, transitions and effects in Motion 5, and then save them so they appear in, and can be applied and modified inside Final Cut Pro X.

    Upon completing this course, you will have covered:
    • Final Cut Pro overview: 
breaking down the project, when to create titles, transitions and effects, FCP's title inspector, how to modify a title template in Motion
    • The Motion interface: 
the HUD, project contents, parameters, groups, text layers, the object inspector, the timeline, the keyframe editor, build in and out markers
    • Adding a logo: 
the file browser, dynamic guides, transformations, resetting parameters, safe zones, marking layers, mini-timeline, changing layer order
    • Animating with behaviours:
the library, behaviours, the HUD to modify behaviours, trimming layers and behaviours, shapes and gradients
    • Completing the title design: 
publishing the title, testing the title in FCP, publishing Motion parameters to FCP, rigging and publishing, project summary
    • Creating a title from scratch: 
the project browser, saving and publishing the project, components of a title template, using a reference image, using rulers and guides
    • Drawing shapes: 
using the bezier tool, the media list, working with groups, introducing replicators, adjusting replicator source, replicator colour modes, using a filter to create depth
    • Creating an Opening Title
: An approach to motion graphic design, creating and styling text, placeholder text, text styles in the library, the rasterise icon, the transform glyph tool, kerning text

: Animating the replicator, animating with keyframes, the animation menu, the keyframe editor, the sequence replicator behaviour, replicator presets
    • Applying the title in FCP X: 
Animating text with behaviours, working in the timing pane, adding a build marker, publishing a preview movie
    • Creating a Custom Transition: 
Transitions in FCP, adding a cross dissolve, the danger of transitions in FCP, published parameters in FCP, creating a new transition project in Motion, transition project components
    • Adding the transition: 
keyframe recording, adjusting animation speed, working in the keyframe editor, changing curve sets, using the motion path behaviour
    • Applying the transition in FCP X: 
Hiding the transition, blending modes explained, adding content to placeholders, moving layers to markers, slipping video, exchanging media, overriding FCP transition duration, creating a preview movie
    • Creating a Custom Effect
: The colour board in FCP, colour correction vs. effects, motion and generator project types, effect project components, exploring filters, cropping a filter, animating a filter, building a filter collection, self-animating filters
    • Publishing the Motion template
: Animating with parameter behaviours, changing the filter order, clone layers, masks, shape masks, layered photoshop files, filters and blending modes, publishing on screen controls
    Tutor: Pierre Vella

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