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MSc-PGDip-CPD in Water Regulation and Management
Institution: University of Surrey
Method: At the institution
Type: Masters
Course Fee: By Request
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MSc-PGDip-CPD in Water Regulation and Management - Guildford - Surrey

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Institution University of Surrey Guildford
Institution University of Surrey Guildford
Institution University of Surrey Guildford
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MSc-PGDip-CPD in Water Regulation and Management - Guildford - Surrey MSc-PGDip-CPD in Water Regulation and Management - Guildford - Surrey
In September 2007, the Centre for Environmental Health Engineering (CEHE) introduced a new MSc programme in Water Regulation and Management, with the full involvement of the Drinking Water Inspectorate for England and Wales (DWI). This relationship will establish the new programme as a prestigious and unique MSc qualification. The DWI provides external visiting lecturers to contribute to the delivery of modules, including those shared with the current MSc in Water and Environmental Engineering. An integrated approach has been adopted in the design of the eight core modules of the new MSc. The dissertation will permit students to pursue a further element of specialisation relevant to their backgrounds and career aspirations. The MSc in Water Regulation and Management provides a high quality vocational education, which is intellectually rigorous, as well as relevant to the needs of future professionals in UK and global water utilities, regulatory bodies and consultancies. The programme draws on CEHE's research activities and the DWI's status as one of the world's foremost regulatory bodies. It will provide an opportunity for development of the knowledge required by both regulators and professionals charged with a responsibility for ensuring that potable water supplies comply with national standards. At the current time, career prospects for both EU and overseas students successfully completing the MSc programme are particularly strong in water cycle-related organisations. Opportunities exist for graduates to work for UK consultancies, water utilities, contractors, relief agencies and other technical organisations, as well as furthering their academic studies in PhD/EngD doctoral research projects.
Entry Requirements:
Typical entry requirements Candidates should be graduates with a good science or engineering honours degree, or practitioners with suitable qualifications and relevant professional/industrial experience in science or engineering. Overseas students for whom English is not their first language must provide an English language certificate showing a TOEFL score of at least 550 (213 on the computer-based test) or an IELTS score of at least 6.
MSc/PGDip/CPD in Water Regulation and Management
Course Description:
MSc/PGDip/CPD in Water Regulation and Management Module overview

Core Modules

Environmental Health
This module enables students to develop knowledge of key concepts in environmental health as they apply to water quality management and control.

Water Treatment
Students will develop a critical understanding of issues relating to raw water sources, water treatment, distribution systems, water quality and reservoirs, advances in chemical treatment and auditing chemical performance.

Applied Chemistry and Microbiology
This module provides the basis for a systematic understanding of water chemistry, microbiology and chemical processes associated with water and wastewater treatment, including aqueous chemistry, kinetics and equilibria, electrochemistry and biochemistry.

Wastewater Treatment and Sewerage
This module develops an understanding and awareness of the roles of preliminary, primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment processes. It also provides a comprehensive understanding of design procedures and aspects of regulations and legislation. Sewerage design, construction and maintenance also form core elements of this module.

Regulation and Management 1
Students can gain an understanding of the principles and practice of water resources and water supply regulation and management.

Regulation and Management 2
This module provides a detailed understanding and awareness of UK legislation for drinking water and the resulting regulations, standards and monitoring requirements. It also provides a critical appreciation of the inspection and audit process used to regulate the UK water industry.

Drinking Water Safety Plans
This module provides an understanding of the drinking water safety plan concept which applies from catchment to tap. This includes an assessment of factors relating to distribution networks, best practice in operation and distribution systems, water systems in buildings and the needs of the customer.

Industrial Project
The industrial project offers an innovative opportunity for students on the programme to apply knowledge gained to critically assess factors influencing both the audit procedures and performance of actual water treatment and supply processes.

Dissertation Project
The MSc dissertation requires students to conduct research and/or display the ability to critically evaluate evidence. Dissertation projects could be based on literature review, original laboratory experimentation, field testing or pilot plant work.

Programme length
12 months full-time, up to 72 months part-time
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