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One-to-one General/Business Norwegian Course in London

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  • Course description

    It's no problem if you need to take Norwegian lessons specifically for personal use or to help with your career - our trainers mould the lesson plan to your precise needs.

    General and Business courses in Norwegian differ in style and content: a General course will concentrate on developing confident conversational skills, making short visits to the country less of an exercise in frustration and more about building upon the foundations to your own ends. Business courses are great for those whose career will be moving overseas - you would learn the fundamental protocols for engaging in business in Norwegian, and later would start to focus more on the integral skills of reading and writing.

    The exact syllabus is not determined simply in terms of 'General' or 'Business' - the course is tailor-made to your needs. If, as a Business student, you need extra focus on telephone or email communication, or vocabulary from a specific field of business, you only need mention this to your tutor. Likewise, a General course can include specific elements that are integral to your needs, for example if you need vocabulary specific to buying property overseas.

    Typical learners who choose our Business courses are import/export professionals, agents for multi-national companies, and those involved with foreign governments and universities. General courses are not simply for those who need to reach a certain level of Norwegian for an exam - they are perfect for those wishing to pack up and move abroad, those marrying a Norwegian national, as well as those travelling to the country for any other reason.

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