Organisational Change DMan-MA by Research

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  • Objectives
    This course allows you to explore alternative ways of thinking about organisations and facilitating creative change in complex social and organisational situations. The aim is to improve both individual and organisational effectiveness.
  • Entry requirements
    This programme is designed for leaders, managers, internal and external consultants and other agents of change in organisations who want to articulate what is being ignored in the dominant theoretical approaches.
  • Academic title
    Organisational Change DMan/MA by Research
  • Course description
    This course will give you a thorough understanding of group dynamics, and the way in which they affect change in complex situations. The course is offered jointly by our innovative Complexity and Management Centre and the Institute of Group Analysis, the UK's main training centre for group therapists. The skills and knowledge you develop will be an asset whatever your career, helping you improve the effectiveness of individuals and organisations.

    Leaders, managers and consultants have to act in an increasingly complex environment, including economic, technological, cultural, social and emotional aspects. Many feel that dominant ways of making sense of complex organisational situations are one-sided, in that they are blind to whole spheres of human experience.

    Staff and students work together as a learning community, employing the method of ‘participative inquiry', which reflects an understanding of organisational life as fundamentally conversational in nature. As change unfolds in unpredictable and creative ways, people learn to ‘act into the unknown'.

    During the course, you will work with your own experience of change in your organisation, applying insights gained from the programme, following an iterative cycle of conceptual development, integrated practice, contextual appreciation and active participation. You work on projects that relate to your organisation and you will develop skills essential to the role of leader, manager and consultant.

    You will need to complete a portfolio of project work and a thesis identifying and evaluating the contribution to your professional practice of this work.

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