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Professional Enquiry in Education (MEd-Postgraduate Diploma-Postgraduate Certificate)

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  • Objectives
    The Partnership for Professional Enquiry consortium is committed to delivering continuing professional development to support and enhance the continuous improvement of educational provision for pupils in Scotland. Distinctively, the programme consists of six modules of 30 SCQF points which form a cohesive and progressive route to Chartered Teacher status. The MEd in Professional Enquiry in Education is a work-based programme, which aims to impart a sound understanding of the central themes of education, broaden your own practice through analysis, reflection and debate, support your professional growth as an experienced practitioner and enable you to contribute effectively to the improvement of educational practice in your own professional setting and the wider professional community.
  • Entry requirements
    Entrance Requirements For entrance onto this programme you are required to: * Hold a Certificate of Eligibility from the General Teaching Council for Scotland. * Have access to a suitable setting in order to undertake work-based action learning. You must also be able to meet attendance requirements.
  • Academic Title
    Professional Enquiry in Education (MEd/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate)
  • Course description
    Structure and Content

    For the award of the Postgraduate Certificate you must complete the following module:
        Extending Professionalism: This module serves as the foundation for the rest of the programme. You will undertake a rigorous self-evaluation and participate in a critical survey of current issues and theoretical perspectives in education. Ideas about how we understand and value learners and the learning process, teaching and teaching strategies will be explored together with the changing nature of teacher professionalism and the basic principles of professional enquiry.

    Plus one optional module chosen from:
        Linked Option Modules: Each linked option module, outlined below, will initially concentrate on extending knowledge and understanding of a broad pedagogic theme within the framework of education for all and then focus on methods of investigation and intervention appropriate to that theme.

    The linked option modules are:
        Developing Contexts for Learning: Focuses on participation, inclusion and equality issues, with a view to examining the importance of ethos, culture and contexts for learning.
        Developing Cognitive Capabilities: Focuses on inclusive practice and its implications for learning and learners. You will study constructions of the learner, looking at notions of intelligence and ability, and views of cognitive development.

    For the award of the Postgraduate Diploma you must complete:
        Extending Professionalism and one Option Module plus:
        Improving Classroom Practice: This first major work-based element of the programme will seek to actively change and extend your practice in order to achieve enhanced outcomes for all pupils. The first phase consists of data collection and analysis in order to clarify an improvement strategy for the second phase which consists of an action project.
        Collaboration and Professional Enquiry: This module builds on the understanding and skills developed during Improving Classroom Practice with an increased emphasis on the wider context and the teacher as an active leader contributing to the development of their local community of practice. The concept of professional enquiry is developed in greater depth and set within a shared agenda for professional development.

    For the award of the MEd degree you must, in addition to modules required for the Postgraduate Diploma, complete:
        Collaborative Project Part 1: This module builds on and extends the understanding and skills developed during Collaboration and Professional Enquiry. You will undertake the planning stages of your collaborative enquiry with your colleagues, while exploring the relevant research and literature ensuring that your enquiry is evidence informed.
        Collaborative Project Part 2: You will carry out the collaborative enquiry proposed in the previous module under the supervision of an academic adviser. This project will enable you to demonstrate all the professional actions of the Chartered Teacher Standard, within the context of contributing to your professional communities.

    Delivery and Assessment

    The programme is delivered through a mixed mode of seminars, self-study materials and work-based action learning. Progress is assessed in a number of ways:
        Extending Professionalism: Self evaluation and learning plan
        An optional module: Proposal for action enquiry
        Improving Classroom Practice: Project report and portfolio of evidence
        Collaboration and Professional Enquiry: Assessed web discussion, and proposal for collaborative action enquiry
        Collaborative Project Part 1: Interim report
        Collaborative Project Part 2: Project report and portfolio of evidence

    Career Opportunities

    The programme provides continuing professional education, focusing on professional enquiry, which allows you to demonstrate that you meet the Standard for Chartered Teacher. The programme leads to both the award of a Master’s degree and Chartered Teacher status conferred by the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

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