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Psychology Advanced Diploma Level 4 - Distance

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  • Objectives
    The aims of the course are to enhance students’ knowledge of psychology theory and to develop a broad understanding of theories applied to practical aspects of social and cognitive psychology, child development and adaptive behaviour. The course also teaches research methods and interpretation of research data.
  • Academic Title
    The course leads to the award of the Advanced Diploma in Psychology from ASET, a leading UK awarding body recognised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.
  • Course description
    This programme is designed for people who wish to gain an advanced understanding of principles and practice of Psychology.  Students must have completed an introductory course in a Psychology discipline before undertaking this programme.

    Study Method

    The course is designed for study by distance learning at work or at home.  Students receive course manual, assignments and studyguide plus tutor support by mail and email.  There are no deadlines for assignments however you must complete the course within 12 months from the date you received the course.


    Each module is followed by a written assignment, which is submitted and marked by your tutor.  There are six tutor marked assignments in all, including a practical research project. There is no external examination required. There is no word count for the assignments, however you must prove to your tutor that you have fully understood the questions, one sentence answers will be rejected and you will be asked to re-submit it.

    Course Duration

    Students may register at any time and have a full year to complete their studies.  The course will take around 100 hours of study to complete.

    Further Reading
    There is no further reading required for this course; however anything to do decide to read will be beneficial for your studies.

    Payment Method:

    You can choose to pay in full at the time of ordering or you can pay in monthly installments.

    If you would like to pay in installments, we would need one of the installments as a deposit with your order (either by cheque or by credit/debt card) we will take the rest of the installments off the card for the remaining months. For further details on paying by installments contact UK Open Learning.

    Module 1 – Perspectives on Psychology

    ·   What is psychology?

    ·   The biological approach

    ·   Behaviourist & cognitive approaches

    ·   Person-centred approaches

    ·   Methods and debate in psychology

    Module 2 – Social Psychology

    ·   Attitudes

    ·   Social influence

    ·   Obedience

    ·   Social cognition

    Module 3 – Cognitive Psychology

    ·   Perception

    ·   Attention

    ·   Remembering

    ·   Forgetting

    ·   Language

    ·   Thinking

    ·   Problem solving & artificial intelligence

    Module 4 – Child Development

    ·   Issues in child development

    ·   Cognitive development

    ·   Development of language & communication

    ·   Social perception

    Module 5 – Psychology & Atypical Behaviour

    ·   Definition & diagnosis of atypical behaviour

    ·   Treatments of atypical behaviour

    ·   Emotional disorders

    Module 6 – Research Methods

    ·   Research methods

    ·   Research issues

    ·   Data Analysis

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