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Sociology with Psychology BSc

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  • Academic Title
    Sociology with Psychology BSc
  • Course description
    This course consists of 75 per cent sociology and 25 per cent psychology.

    In the first year you take introduction to sociology and the sociology research workshop, together with two half-unit modules from psychology and another 30 credits from a wide range of options available in criminology, media studies and modern languages.

    Psychology half-unit modules include:
    - cognitive approaches to mind and behaviour
    - history and theory in psychology
    - biological approaches to mind and behaviour
    - life-span psychology.

    In the second year you take two core modules in sociology together with an additional option in sociology and two psychology half-options from:
    - abnormal and differential psychology
    - cognitive psychology
    - development and social psychology
    - biological psychology
    - social psychology.

    In the third year, you choose two options from sociology and one from a wide range available in psychology as well as your supervised research project in sociology.

    Modules: BSc Sociology with Psychology

    Year 1

    In the first year you take Introduction to Sociology and the Sociology Workshop, together with two half-unit modules from Psychology and another 30 credits from a wide range of options available in Criminology, Media Studies and Modern Languages.

    Core modules:

        * Introduction to Sociology
        * Sociology Workshop

    Optional modules include:

        * Introduction to Media Studies
        * Media History and Politics
        * Contemporary Issues in Media Studies
        * Introduction to Criminology
        * Cognitive Approaches to Mind and Behaviour
        * History and Theory of Psychology
        * Biological Approaches to Mind and Behaviour
        * Lifespan Psychology

                You also have the option of an International Politics module.
                Year 2

                During the second year you take two core Sociology modules along with a further 30 credits from Sociology and 30 credits from Psychology.

                Core modules include:
                    + Theories and Research Strategies in Contemporary Sociology
                    + Understanding Social Change

                Optional modules include:
                    + New Media Challenges
                    + Media, Culture and Society
                    + News and Society
                    + Media, Crime and Criminal Justice
                    + Key Issues in Criminology
                    + Cognitive Psychology 1
                    + Biological Psychology
                    + Developmental Psychology
                    + Social Psychology
                    + Personality and Differential Psychology
                    + Culture, Community and Identity
                    + Political Sociology
                Year 3

                During the third year you choose 60 credits from Sociology module options and 30 credits from Psychology, and undertake a supervised research project on a topic of your choice.

                Sociology modules include:
                    + World Media Industry
                    + The Information Society
                    + Sociology of Race and Racism
                    + Migration, Refugees and Globalisation
                    + Gender and Society
                    + Sociology and Sexualities
                    + Youth, Crime and Society
                    + Policing: Theory and Practice
                    + Victims, Crime and Society
                    + Globalisation, Social Difference and Human Rights

                Psychology modules include:
                    + Developmental Psychology
                    + Concepts and Categorisation
                    + Judgment and Decision Making
                    + Memory: Trends and Issues
                    + Sound and Symbol in Written Language
                    + Neurobiological Approaches to Perception, Attention and Action
                    + Approaches to Autism
                    + Psychobiology of Gender Development
                    + Clinical Psychology
                    + Health Psychology
                    + Organisational Psychology
                    + Psychology as Science: Philosophical Perspectives

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