BA Archaeology (3 Years)

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  • Objectives
    This programme aims to: -fulfil the University's undertaking to provide high quality teaching and research environment that enables students to develop their full potential; -encourage students to take increasing charge of their own learning, develop critical skills and broaden their intellectual horizons, and to foster an enthusiasm for the subject; -provide students with a knowledge of a range of past societies and cultures, and an understanding of archaeological theory, method and interpretation; -foster a critical understanding of the place and importance of archaeology and material heritage in contemporary society, including the issues and controversies which they provoke; -introduce students to the archaeological inheritance of Manchester and the North West; -harness the wide range of staff expertise to provide innovatory and stimulating course units appropriate to the programmes; -monitor, review and update programmes regularly to ensure that they meet appropriate academic standards; -respond positively to the needs and concerns of students from a range of backgrounds; -provide effective pastoral and academic support; -develop in students a range of transferable skills to meet career demands, including careers in archaeology, and provide a foundation for lifelong learning; -equip capable students to participate in taught masters programmes and prepare students for independemt research at a higher level.
  • Entry requirements
    Selected entry requirements English language: Minimum IELTS score of 7.0 or equivalent; eg. NCUK EAP minimum Grade of A with range of 70-79 TOEFL: PBT score of 600; CBT score of 250; TWE score of 5.5; IBT score of 100. A level: Grades BBB not incl Gen Studs. Two AS-levels may be accepted in place of one A-level. Unit grade information: The University of Manchester welcomes the provision of unit grade information which, like all other available information, will inform the consideration of applications. Unit grades will not normally form part of offer conditions, except for Mathematics programmes. GCSE: Minimum of grade C in English and Mathematics. Key Skills qualification: The University warmly welcomes applications from students studying the Key Skills qualification. However, as the opportunities to take these modules are not open to all applicants, currently this is not an essential requirement of the University. International baccalaureate: 32 points overall including 6, 6, 5 at Higher level. Additional entry requirements Additional entry requirements exist for this course. You may view these by selecting from the list below.
  • Academic title
    BA Archaeology
  • Course description
    Special features
    Fieldwork is a central component of archaeology programmes; two weeks of excavation are compulsory at both first- and second-year level and we encourage you to seek further training throughout your degree; 
    Opportunities for fieldwork are offered in Britain (Manchester, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Scotland, Southern England) and abroad (the Greek Islands, Turkey, Ghana and the Easter Islands).

    Course content for year 1
    Please note that the following list is intended to be a guide only - course content or availability may change slightly as we aim to improve and update our courses yearly. 


    ARGY10021 Introduction to European Archaeology 20

    ARGY10132 Introduction to World Archaeology 20

    ARGY10501 Vocational Skills 1 20

    ARGY10061 Archaeological Perspectives 1 20

    ARGY10072 Archaeological Perspectives 2 20

    ARGY10052 Portfolio 20

    Course content for year 2
    Please note that the following list is intended to be a guide only - course content or availability may change slightly as we aim to improve and update our courses yearly.


    ARGY20000 Archaeology Long Essay 20

    ARGY20081 Data Processing and Quantitative Analysis 20

    ARGY20501 Vocational Skills 2 20

    ARGY20112 Theory and Philosophy of Archaeology 20

    Optional choose one form each semester:

    Sem 1:

    ARGY20931 European Prehistory 20

    ARGY20951 Material Worlds: Objects, Architecture, Landscape 20

    AHVS20251 Greek Art and the City State 20

    Sem 2:

    ARGY20042 Roman Britain 20

    ARGY20942 Changing Worlds in the Near East and East Mediterranean 20

    ARGY20222 Andean Archaeology 20

    AHVS20302 Roman Art and Architecture 20

    Course content for year 3
    Please note that the following list is intended to be a guide only - course content or availability may change slightly as we aim to improve and update our courses yearly.


    ARGY30000 Dissertation 40

    ARGY30501 Vocational Skills 3 20


    One course unit from:

    ARGY30081 Ceramics

    ARGY30091 Lithics

    ARGY30111 Textiles

    ARGY30191 Bronze/Iron Technology in Europe and the Mediterranean


    Two Optional Course Units from:

    ARGY30131 The Age of Stonehenge

    ARGY30191 Bronze/Iron Age Technology in Europe and the Mediterranean

    ARGY30381 Research Issues in African Technology

    ARGY30561 Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic Europe

    ARGY30891 Pompeii

    ARGY30222 The Emergence of Civilisation: Aegean Bronze Age

    ARGY30232 Prehistoric Cyprus

    ARGY30242 Historical Archaeology

    ARGY30252 The Ritual Life of Monuments

    ARGY30522 Nationalism, Heritage and Identity

    ARGY30722 Funerary Landscape Archaeology

    AHVS30282 Visualising Greek Mythology

    Career opportunities
    Archaeology graduates can, through the academic and practical skills imparted, pursue a career in many different areas of archaeology and cultural resource management. Virtually all graduates find successful employment if they wish to pursue archaeology as a career. Archaeology also provides a basic Humanities degree which can be employed in a wide variety of career prospects, such as writing, journalism, research and consultancy work.

    This degree programme explores the results of research, from the earliest human origins to the recent past. You will combine an understanding of different periods with knowledge of archaeological techniques and methods of interpreting the past. Fieldwork and excavation provide a core element to the degree and you will be involved throughout your duration of study in a range of exciting field projects in Britain, Africa, the Aegean, South America and the Near East.

    Course fees: Tuition fees for Home/EU students commencing their studies in 2009 will be approximately £3250 per year. These fees will be subject to change in the light of government announcements to all universities.

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