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BSc Microbiology

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  • Objectives
    Microbiology is a dynamic and fascinating subject, benefiting from gene chip technology and other 'post-genomic£ advances. In this programme you will explore the way in which viruses and bacteria cause disease, and how we can treat these diseases or prevent them through vaccine development. You will learn how the latest developments in microbial genetics are increasing our understanding of microorganisms, giving you entry into a very fast- moving and exciting field of science. You will learn how microorganisms are used as 'cell factories£ to make gene therapy agents, replace missing components in defective cells and synthesise a variety of therapeutic drugs.
  • Entry requirements
    Typical entry requirements A level grades BBB-BCC (300-260 points) At least one science A level, preferably Biology.
  • Academic Title
    BSc Microbiology
  • Course description
    Programme Structure
    Level 1

    Biochemistry: Metabolism
    Practical Biochemistry
    and Chemistry
    Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Cell Biology
    Practical Cell and Molecular Biology
    Microbiology: Microbes and Man
    Practical Bacteriology
    Practical Microbiology 1: The Microbial World
    Practical Microbiology 2: Microbes in Action
    Key Skills 1
    Level 2

    Practical Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Pathology and Medicine
    Food Microbiology
    Introduction to Immunology
    Animal and Plant Virology
    Key Skills 2
    Microbiology Systems
    Current Topics in Microbiology
    Cellular Microbiology

    Optional professional training year

    Level 3

    Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Clinical Immunology
    Human Virology

    Bacterial and Protozoal Infections
    Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases
    Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases
    Regulation of Metabolism, Lipoproteins and Diabetes
    Immunohaematology and Transfusion Science
    Food Microbiology
    Biomedical Microbial Products
    Systems Biology: Genomes in Action
    Practical Food Microbiology
    Practical Microbial Product Discovery
    Metabolic Engineering
    Research Project

    Also, BSc Microbiology, BSc Microbial Genetics, BSc Biotechnology, BSc Food Science and Microbiology, BSc Microbiology with Foundation Year.

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