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Course - Starting your own Business - Distance

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  • Objectives
    Businesses are the backbone of the community and an essential part of any country’s economy. The ability of business to cater for the individual needs of the customer, and relate to them on a personal and economic level, is particularly important.

    Anyone wishing to start up in business, whether on their own or with a partner or family member, will want to obtain the best possible training, to ensure that they are prepared for the difficulties and opportunities of their business venture.

    This Start Your Own Business course will provide you with a better understanding of the type of knowledge needed to operate a business in the most effective and efficient way.

    The course concentrates on getting you to analyse your business opportunities and the environment you will be working in, so that you can work out how best to use the resources available to you.

    Because the business environment, particularly in relation to the law, varies enormously from one country to another, you will often be invited to investigate how a principle explained in the course actually operates in your country. In this way you will come to understand both the theory and the practice.

    The course assumes that you have a reasonable knowledge of English (specific business terms are explained in the Glossary) and the tutor-marked assignments may require basic mathematical skills. Otherwise, all you need to get started is a business idea!
  • Academic Title
    Level 3 Award in Starting Your Own Business

    At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Level 3 NCFE Award certificate of achievement. That means that it is independently accredited at a level of learning equivalent to level 3 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland"
  • Course description

    Course syllabus

    Unit One - Starting your own business

    The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
    • think about the benefits and problems of starting a business
    • look at the practical aspects of setting up in business
    • look at the qualities you will need to succeed

    Unit Two - Ways of starting a business

    The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
    • think about the legal aspects of setting up a business
    • look at the different possible ways of buying a existing business
    • consider franchise and multi-level marketing operations
    • understand the difference between multi-level marketing and pyramid selling
    • look at how best to protect and exploit an original invention

    Unit Three - Recruiting Staff

    The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
    • know when you need to take on staff
    • consider the problems and advantages of working with people you know
    • understand the recruitment process
    • learn to write a Job Description and Person Specification
    • learn to select employees successfully by interview
    • know what to put in a contract

    Unit Four - Dealing with staff

    The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
    • determine appropriate pay rates and methods for staff
    • look at providing benefits
    • understand the importance of obeying the law on employment
    • consider the issues of discrimination and trade unions

    Unit Five - Fraud and theft

    The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
    • spot whether your business is vulnerable to fraud
    • prevent employees having the opportunity to commit fraud
    • set up financial controls
    • prevent theft of stock and equipment
    • protect intellectually property
    • promote your business

    Unit Six – Marketing

    The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
    • understand what is meant by marketing
    • analyse your market
    • understand market research procedures
    • develop, price and package your product
    • work out a marketing plan

    Unit Seven – Advertising

    The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
    • know what advertising is
    • recognise different types of advertising
    • know the rules governing advertising

    Unit Eight - The Business Plan

    The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
    • understand the function of business planning
    • list several reasons for developing a business plan
    • identify sources to get help in developing a business plan
    • identify the type of information to include in a business plan
    • prepare an outline of a business plan

    The course is divided into six self-contained sections, and students are asked to complete nine assignments which will be marked by the tutor. Successful completion of these assignments will lead to the awarding of a certificate from the Open College Network and a UK Open Learning Diploma.

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