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Course: Electricity Generation: Deconstructing Turbines and Generators

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  • Course description
     Course Contents, Concepts and Issues
    Part 1: Force, Energy and Electricity

    The Concept of Matter;
    The Indestructibility of Matter;
    The Concept of Force;
    Kinetic Energy;
    Potential Energy;
    Inertia of Motion;
    Inertia of Stability;
    Mechanical Energy;
    Electrical Energy;
    The Impulse Principle;
    The Reaction Principle;
    Magnets and Magnetic Force;
    The Principle of Electromagnetic Induction;
    The Right-Hand Rule and the Direction of Current;
    Direct Current;
    Alternating Current.

    Part 2- Turbines and Generators: Generation of Electricity as Alternating Current (AC) - 1

    Electromagnetic Induction;
    Electromagnetic Force (EMF) Equation.
    AC Generators or Alternators;
    The Components of an AC Generator:
    Prime Mover
    Slip Rings
    The Architecture and Principle of Operation of Turbines;
    The Function of Turbines in Electricity Generation;
    The Function of Alternators in Electricity Generation;

    Water Turbine:
    Part 3- Turbines and Generators: Generation of Electricity as Alternating Current (AC) - 2
    Impulse and Reaction Turbines:
    Steam Turbines                                                
    Wind Turbines:

    Main bearing;
    Main Shraft;
    Generator Shaft;
    Bed Plate;
    Wind Vane;

    This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

    Yaw Drive;
    Yaw Motor;
    Wind Vanes;

    Part 4 - Generators: Types and Usage
    DC Generators:
    Types of Direct Current (DC) Generators:

    Separately excited DC Generators;
    Self-excited: DC Generators.

    Self-excited: DC Generators:

    Series Wound DC Generators;
    Shunt Wound DC Generators;
    Compound Wound DC Generators.

    Main Components of a DC Generator

    Poles and pole shoes;
    Field winding;
    Armature core;
    Armature winding;
    Commutator and brushes. 

    Load Regulation Characteristics of DC Generators;
    Shunt-Connected DC Generators.
    Construction and Working Principles of Alternating Current Generators;
    Winding Terminologies for the Alternator;
    The Electromagnetic Force (EMF) Equation of an Alternator.
    Belt-Driven Starter-Generators;
    Gasoline Generators;
    Standby Generators;
    Diesel Generators;
    Natural Gas Generators;
    Portable Generators;
    Solar Generators;
    Inverter Generators;
    Hydrogen Generators.

    Part 5: Pulse Generators (PG)
    Pulse Generators and their Function
    Types of Pulse Generators

    Hall Effect Pulse Generators;
    Inductive Pulse Generators;
    AC-Powered Pulse Generator (ACPG)
    Optical Pulse Generators
    Multiple-channels Pulse Generators
    Microwave Pulsers.

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