Electronics Equipment Repair 2 - Course - Online

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  • Practical experience
    Practical “Hands-On” experience: - 50% approx.
  • Academic title
    Hi-Tech Training Certificate
  • Course description

    Aim: - To enable participants to build, test and fault-find more complex Analogue Electronic circuits.

    Learning Objectives: -
    • Study a wide range of more complex Analogue Electronic Circuits, Components and Test Equipment.
    • Analyse and diagnose faults in electronic circuits.
    • Use electronic test equipment including, Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Sweep Generators, etc.

    Course Content: -
    • Health & Safety, Care of Tools and instruments for assembly and repair.
    • Sourcing component packaging data, assembly and ESD precautions on discrete and integrated components and equipment.
    • Components and associated circuitry: - Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes (signal, power, zener), Transistors (NPN and PNP), Relays,operational amplifier circuits etc. Associated Formulae, Graphs and Arithmetic.
    • Power Supplies: - Transformers: - types and uses, half wave rectifier and full wave bridge rectifier. Smoothing, filtering and regulating techniques.
    • Voltage regulators – Discrete and Integrated (SIL and DIL). Heat sinks for high power components. Battery charger function and modes.
    • Analysing, building and faultfinding the following circuits: - Power supplies, amplifiers, switching, protection, filtering, etc.
    • Test Equipment: - Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Function Generators and Sweep Generators, etc.

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