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Erasmus Mundus Master's: Journalism and Media within Globalisation

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  • Objectives
    The focus of the Erasmus Mundus Global Journalism Master's is to give participants the intellectual tools for a new and better understanding of reporting globalisation and its challenges. The information process is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Developments in technology, politics and society are increasingly putting journalism and the media industries at the centre of people’s attempts to make sense of what is happening in the world around them. The Erasmus Mundus Global Journalism Master's explores the practice and performance of journalism and the media in the context of a new environment brought about by globalisation, modernisation, commercialisation and professional developments. It seeks to produce alumni who will shape the future of global journalism. The program aims to prepare students for the challenge of working in the new global information society. Globalisation is penetrating cultural and social borders around the world and simultaneously reinvigorating smaller regions and feelings of local identity. Political and social power is taking on new dimensions. Cultural awareness and the risk of misunderstandings are growing. Journalism is at the centre of these changes. This degree is aimed at understanding these changes, researching them and providing the foundation for working globally.
  • Academic Title
    Erasmus Mundus Master's: Journalism and Media within Globalisation
  • Course description
    Course overview

    The Erasmus Mundus Global Journalism Master's brings together five leading European institutions in journalism and media education, combining the best academic research and teaching from the participating universities. A broad range of national and international guest lecturers from media and research institutions are brought into the programme.

    You will study in three European countries:

        * the first year is spend in Denmark (one semester) and the Netherlands (one semester)
        * the second year is spent either at City University London, or at the University of Swansea (Wales) or Hamburg University (Germany)
        * we are currently in discussion with UTS Sydney (Australia), UC Berkeley (USA) and Universidad Catolica in Santiago (Chile) to set up funded summer school places starting in summer 2008

    Students have the option to specialise in Business and Finance Journalism (at City), War and Conflict (at Swansea), or Media and Public Spheres (at Hamburg).

    Students from the 2006/7 Business and Finance Journalism specialism are currently working for companies including Thomson Financial News (London) and Dow Jones Newswires (London).


    Year 1, Semester 1 (Danish School of Journalism)

        * Globalisation: Reporting global change
        * Globalisation and the transformation of the state
        * Globalisation, culture and the roles of the media

    Year 1, Semester 2 (University of Amsterdam)

        * Journalism and cultural diversity
        * Entertaining the citizen
        * The politics of news

    Year 2, Semester 1 (City University London)

        * Global Political Economy
        * World of Financial Journalism
        * World of Business

    Year 2, Semester 2 (City University London)

        * Project/dissertation

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