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Human Rights MA

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  • Objectives
    This human rights course takes a broad conception of human rights as its basis – what HG Wells once said was the belief that everyone is entitled to the “nourishment… care and attention needed to realise [their] full possibilities of physical and mental health from birth to death”. It looks at how far human rights are enshrined in definitions of citizenship and to what extent they form the basis of national and international law. In addition, it explores the extent to which human rights are enshrined in and supported by a deeper politics and culture, by institutions, structures, movements and values.
  • Entry requirements
    If you would like to develop a career as a practitioner or researcher in the field of human rights and are interested in the connections between theory and practice, this course is ideal.
  • Academic Title
    Human Rights MA
  • Course description
    Course programme
    The scope of this course is extensive and challenging. It deals with political developments in the UK, in Europe and internationally. You will look at nation-states, international and transnational organisations, but also at campaigning movements and pressure groups, recognising how much the development and securing of human rights owe to them.

    This will involve both the study of the current international situation and of relations between states and non-state actors where conflicts have resulted in considerable violations of human rights.

    You will also look at the challenges and demands that have resulted from the continual and growing movements of people, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants fleeing conflicts and seeking better lives. This course is underpinned by a grounding in case law in human rights.

    Course structure
    Please note that this is an indicative list of modules and is not intended as a definitive list.

    Core modules
    -Achieving Human Rights: Case Studies for Strategies for Change
    -Achieving Human Rights: Theories of Strategies for Change
    -Frameworks and Foundations of Human Rights
    -The Meaning and Protection of Human Rights
    -Work Placement

    Option modules
    -The Politics of Mass Murder
    -Human Rights and Armed Conflict
    -Managing and Resolving International Conflict
    -Conflict Theory and Analysis
    -Case Studies in International Conflict
    -Theories of International Relations
    -Case Studies of Conflict: International Politics

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