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In-Service Postgraduate Certificate Further Education

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  • Objectives
    These programmes aim to provide teachers, lecturers and trainers working with a range of students with the necessary skills, knowledge and competence to undertake their professional role with confidence and to the mutual benefit of both teacher and learner. These are part time, in-service courses for educators in further education, work-based training and the public services who want the professional effectiveness, personal satisfaction and career enhancement that comes from gaining an advanced and nationally respected university teaching qualification. All new lecturers in the Learning and Skills sector now require advanced teacher training accreditation. The government put in place a compulsory qualifications framework based upon the Further Education National Training Organisation (FENTO - now LLUK) 'Standards for teaching and supporting learning in further education in England and Wales' effective since September 2001. The part-time in-service programmes at UWE meet these standards. Attainment of the standards is a prerequisite for membership of the proposed professional institute. In work-based training and in the public services, an increasing number of trainers are encouraged to seek qualifications that will be comparable with those of their colleagues in the sector. The courses incorporate the new Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) standards and units of assessment.
  • Entry requirements
    If you are an unqualified teacher in Further Education, Adult and Community Education or a trainer in the public or private sectors - these courses (CertEd/PGCert Ed FE (Learning and Skills)) will be relevant to you.
  • Course description

    What does the programme cover?

    The programme is designed for teachers and trainers in all subjects and all situations. We certificate your practical teaching skills, as well as extending your knowledge of the world of post-compulsory education. Currently, we have over 200 students taking Learning and Skills part-time programmes that aim to meet the specific needs of graduate and non-graduate teachers.

    The modules in the programme range in size from 10 to 40 credits. For every 10 credits a notional student study time of 100 hours is assumed, which includes taught hours, guided reading, directed study tasks and assessment.

    The full programme consists of the following taught modules and normally runs over two years on Wednesdays 17.00 to 20.00 at UWE's Frenchay Campus and Thursdays 16.15 to 19.15 at Hartpury College. Courses also run at Gloucestershire College and some modules may be available at Stroud, Filton and Bath Colleges:

    UTLGMU-20-1/2 Preparing for Teaching in the Learning and Skills Sector

    UTLGMV-20-1 Practical Teaching and Professional Development (1)

    UTLGMY-20-2/3 Practical Teaching and Professional Development (2)

    UTLGMW-20-1/2 Planning and Enabling Learning and Assessment

    UTLGMX-10-2/3 Preparing for Advanced Study: Reflective Professional Practice

    UTLGN3-30/40-2/3/M Context and Curriculum in Lifelong Learning

    UTLGN4-10-2/3/M 14 to 16 learners and the Learning and Skills Sector

    UTLGN5-10-2/3/M Work-based Learning in the Learning and Skills Sector

    UTLGN6-10-3/M Higher Education Teaching and Learning in the Learning and Skills Sector

    Please note not every programme includes every module, nor will every student take every module belonging to their programme as they may be allowed credit. The order in which modules are taken may vary from student to student.

    Modes of assessment vary. You will for example be asked to make presentations and produce written assignments. In the Context and Curriculum GN3 module you carry out a small scale enquiry into your practice. All assignments take a practical focus and encourage you to evaluate your work and plan improvements. In the Practical Teaching modules you are observed teaching by University tutors as well as by your mentor and peers. You also carry out observations of other teachers.

    Careers/further study
    The programmes are part of a flexible modular scheme, with progression to higher awards. These other awards are not initial teaching qualifications, but will be of interest to staff in post-compulsory education that are already qualified and seek an advanced qualification recognising further advanced study in post-compulsory education. There are opportunities to take forward the credit from this programme into other awards. Many students, having achieved their teaching qualification award, take advantage of the major credits they have earned to fast track into a further degree or diploma up to MA level for instance, the new MA Lifelong Learning. The content is prescribed only to the extent of requiring students to take certain research modules but otherwise there is considerable flexibility.

    -Extra information
    -Accredited Learning (AL)

    Accredited Learning (AL) is a significant feature of our programme as we encourage you to seek credit exemption from part of your award for prior professional learning. If you have gained a recent Certificate in FE Teaching (Stages 1 and 2), or equivalent, within the last five years this could count towards your award through Accredited Learning (AL). Normally this will give you credit for the modules Preparing for Teaching in the Learning and Skills Sector GMU and Practical Teaching and Professional Development (1) GMV.

    Other accreditation may be available.

    Entry requirements

    All students are supervised and helped to develop their practical teaching, so you will need to be doing a minimum number of hours teaching during the course. For entry you need to have or find:

    -part time or full time employment as a practising teacher/ trainer with a minimum of 150 teaching hours over two years in an approved context
    -for the CertEd a relevant qualification in your subject
    -for the PGCert a relevant qualification in your subject and a degree
    -a mentor at your place of work

    Applicants will have to demonstrate basic skills in literacy and numeracy.

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