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Introduction to Catering and Hotel Management - Distance

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  • Entry requirements
    If you are considering a career in Hotel and Catering Management then this course will provide you with an excellent overview and introduction.
  • Academic Title
    UK Open Learning Completion Certificate
  • Course description
    Course Outline

    This course in Hotel and Catering Management is designed to provide you with a theoretical overview of the hotel and catering business and provide you with key skills and knowledge to allow you to operate within the business as an appropriate level.

    The course covers the following Units and topics:

    Unit 1:            Housekeeping Services

    ·         Introduction

    ·         Maintaining the Housekeeping Service

    ·         Housekeeping efficiency

    ·         Dealing with Challenges and Situations

    Unit 2:            Hotel Health, Safety & Hygiene

    ·         Introduction

    ·         Insist on a high standard of personal hygiene and grooming from your staff;

    ·         Limit the negative effects associated with food spoilage;

    ·         Store food products in a hygienic manner;

    ·         Keep food-preparation and cooking areas and equipment in a clean and hygienic condition;

    ·         Handle and dispose of waste hygienically; and

    ·         Implement occupational health and safety procedures in your guest house.

    Unit 3:            Guest Services

    ·         Preparation and Schedules

    ·         Greet Guests      

    ·         Parking and Luggage     

    ·         Facilities and Services

    ·         Complaints and Incidents

    Unit 4:            Customer Care and Service

    ·         Customer Care

    ·         Customer Information

    ·         External Services

    ·         Handling the Unexpected

    Unit 5:            Superior Food Service

    ·         Introduction

    ·         Plan a breakfast menu;

    ·         Purchase the correct equipment in order to provide an efficient food service;

    ·         Purchase and maintain food stocks appropriate to your occupancy and location;

    ·         Operate safely and hygienically in your kitchen;

    ·         Set up your kitchen and dining room effectively;

    ·         Prepare a wholesome, original breakfast for your guests

    ·         Serve and present food and drink with professional skills.

    Unit 6:            Buffet & Carvery Service

    ·         Introduction

    ·         Develop efficient work habits

    ·         Customer Relations

    ·         Preparing the carvery or buffet

    ·         Displaying food

    ·         Maintaining the carvery or buffet

    ·         Providing food information to guests

    ·         Serving customers

    ·         Cleaning customer tables

    ·         Cleaning customer dining area

    ·         Dealing with customer spillages

    Unit 7              Silver Service

    ·         Introduction

    ·         Efficient and Effective service

    ·         Getting ready for service

    ·         Meeting customer requirements

    ·         Providing food service

    ·         Surplus food

    ·         Clearing finished courses

    ·         Clearing the tables

    Unit 8              Beverage Service

    ·         Consumption of Spirits and Liqueurs

    ·         Origin and Method

    ·         Preparing To Serve

    ·         Serving Customers

    Unit 9:            Personal Presentation & Standards

    ·         Dress Codes and Personal Hygiene

    ·         Professional Appearance

    ·         IllnessDress Codes and Personal Hygiene


    This course can be studied at your own pace and you will have full tutor support for 12 months.

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