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MA Innovation Management

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  • Objectives
    MA Innovation Management is a new course. It aims to bring together open-minded individuals from a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds in order to promote new ways of thinking and doing that encourages creative collaborations in the pursuit of innovation. Our focus is on developing strategic collaborative practitioners who can identify, and develop, innovative business and public sector opportunities. The course will explore innovation in relation to services, products and user experience’s. It will be delivered through a range of different learning experience’s, from the traditional to the experimental, from student- led to industry-linked, so that students can produce synergistic and co-operative approaches to problem-solving, risk-management and opportunity development. Graduates of the course will be able to identify and delivery creativity and innovation within both a lifestyle and business context. They will be able to apply innovation tools and practices, research and identify which creative vectors are suitable for a given scenario and communicate such opportunities in a compelling and engaging way. Graduates will be highly attractive to potential employers in business, the creative industries or policy makers who wish to embrace 360- degree innovation. This course will help graduates develop careers in areas like innovation research, strategy and business development and brand/product management.
  • Entry requirements
    We are actively seeking open-minded graduates from diverse academic and industry backgrounds who want to innovate, ideally with relevant work experience from business, marketing, engineering, sciences, social sciences, humanities and design. A key characteristic of our candidates will be the desire to extend their subject-specialisms by colliding with, negotiating between and connecting with people, concepts, discourses and practices that are outside their normal activities, and who are keen to locate the creative outputs of these engagements in the area of innovation. Applicants must have an Honours Degree, or evidence of equivalent learning, and ideally at least one year of relevant professional experience. The relevant disciplines and professional fields are: . business studies . management . the social sciences . physical sciences . marketing . design Applicants will be selected on the basis of the following criteria: . a BA level or equivalent of skills and knowledge in your own discipline and preferably some examples of post college work in your particular field . evidence of interest and understanding of innovation and its management . work demonstrating engagement with innovation and its management . a reflective and critical approach . evidence and experience of teamwork . self motivation, ambition and a commitment to the programme. Applicants with a background in design: . 20 examples of visual work in PDF format on CDRom . Cross platform CDRoms or DVD of moving image work if appropriate . Developmental research material . Samples of written work . Submission of a Personal Development plan of no more that 500 words, in word document format, outlining your: o innovation management interests o reasons for undertaking program o anticipated areas of interests and activities whilst on program (project areas) o desired career outcome at end of program Applicants from all other backgrounds should include: . A detailed professional CV with project descriptions . PDF format documentation of work where possible including reports, presentations or research projects for which you have been responsible on CDRom . Submission of a Personal Development Plan of no more that 500 words, in word document format, outlining your: o innovation management interests o reasons for undertaking program o anticipated areas of interests and activities whilst on program (project areas) o desired career outcome at end of program
  • Academic Title
    MA Innovation Management
  • Course description

    The course consists of three progressive units.

    Unit One, Critical Evaluative Practices. It adopts a collaborative approach to learning and brings together interdisciplinary teams to undertake activities. Unit One is delivered through a sequence of projects scheduled across the first two terms of the course. The Unit opens with an Orientation Project to 'break the ice,’ to enable students to understand each other’s areas of expertise and to establsh a common vocabulary. Interdisciplinary Study teams will be established in Week 1 to support and encourage members and to facilitate the sharing of expertise and knowledge throughout the course.

    Unit Two, Critical Collaborative Practices runs across Terms One and Two. You undertake a sequence of projects to apply the theories, tools and methods to which you are introduced through a series of lectures, seminars and workshops and you extend your understanding through self directed collaborative study.

    Unit 3,
    Major Collaborative Project is undertaken in collaboration with a host partner or partners external to the University and is driven by independent learning. It provides you with an extended opportunity to undertake a sustained complex research project that enables you to explore and locate your practice within the area of innovation management. The unit comprises of four elements of independent learning: field research, a critical evaluative report, a feasibility assessment and an innovation forum/conference. The unit concludes with an innovation forum/conference where you will argue a position and communicate the innovation proposition and it’s critical characteristics. You, with your peers, plan and implement this event.

    Career Prospects

    Innovation has been identified as crucial to business success, Cox Report. This course will generate career opportunities within:

    Creative Industries:
    .    innovation research
    .    strategy development
    .    business development
    .    brand management

    Public Sector:
    .    innovation research
    .    policy and strategy development

    Corporate Sector:
    .    innovation research
    .    strategy development
    .    business development
    .    brand management


    The course team have strong active links with arrange of internal corporate and design related organisation such as:

    .    Proctor and Gamble
    .    LG electronics
    .    Hyundai Motors
    .    Panasonic
    .    Nokia
    .    Design Council
    .    Industrial Design Society of America
    .    Hong Kong Design Centre
    .    Design Management Institute
    .    Royal Society of Arts
    .    Korean Institute of Design Promotion

    Course Length 2 years 

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