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  • Academic Title
    You will receive the following qualifications: * OCN Level 2 Award in Management Principals * OCN Level 2 Award in Anatomy and Physiology * OCN Level 2 Award in Fitness and Nutrition * UK Open Learning Diploma in Sports Management
  • Course description
    More and more as each day passes, the nation is becoming hooked on sport. Whether it’s the trials and tribulations of the England rugby and cricket teams, the success (or lack of it!) of our favourite football team, or just the fantastic news that we are to hold the Olympics in 2012, sport takes up a great deal of our leisure time.

    Sport is in everyone, no matter whether we compete or just watch. Now, thanks to this fascinating diploma, you could take the first steps to a worthwhile career in the world of Sports Management.

    What will I learn on the course?

    With the Olympic Games coming to London in 2012, the need for more people with Sports Management skills will grow rapidly. By taking our new distance learning Diploma in Sports Management you will gain an extensive range of knowledge and skills that could lead to you choosing sports management as a possible career choice. Even if it’s just something you are interested in, the course is full of interesting and practical information.

    What subjects does the course cover?

    Course Content

    Your Diploma in Sports Management covers the following topics:

    Part 1

    Principles of Management

    To understand the key functions of Management within Sports it is essential that you learn and collect the skills of general management principles.

        * Unit 1 The Environment & Ecology of Management
        * Unit 2 Management Applied and Process
        * Unit 3 Organisational Theory
        * Unit 4 The Five Keys for Management
        * Unit 5  Starting a Small Business
        * Unit 6  Ways of Starting a Small Business
        * Unit 7  Fraud and Theft
        * Unit 8  Marketing
        * Unit 9  Advertising
        * Unit 10 The Business Plan

    Part 2

    Anatomy & Physiology

    To have a better understand of the human body and how it functions and be able to relate function of specific parts of the body it is essential that you obtain basic knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology.

        * Unit 1  Introduction to the Human Body
        * Unit 2  Cells, Tissues and Membranes
        * Unit 3  Skeletal System
        * Unit 4  Muscular System
        * Unit 5  Nervous System
        * Unit 6  Endocrine System
        * Unit 7  Cardiovascular System
        * Unit 8  Lymphatic System
        * Unit 9  Respiratory System
        * Unit 10 Digestive System
        * Unit 11  Urinary System
        * Unit 12  Reproductive System

    Part 3

    Fitness and Nutrition

    You will need to have a good understanding of nutrition and the values it has on sport and how to plan both an exercise regime and diet for the sports person.

        * Unit 1: Nutrition
        * Unit 2: Physiology
        * Unit 3: Kinesiology
        * Unit 4: Aerobic Training
        * Unit 5: Plyometric & Weight Training
        * Unit 6: Sample Workout & Fitness Test
        * Unit 7: Specialised Training
        * Unit 8: Resources

    Part 4

    Sports Management

    Here you will concentrate on sports itself gaining a sound basic knowledge within the area of the sports management functions.

        * Unit 1: History of Sport
        * Unit 2: Types of Sports
        * Unit 3: Sports Injuries
        * Unit 4: Sports Psychology
        * Unit 5: Sports Development
        * Unit 6: Drugs in Sport
        * Unit 7: Sports Coaching
        * Unit 8: Sport for the Disabled
        * Unit 9: Health & Safety in Sport
        * Unit 10:Employment Options in Sport
        * Unit 11:Sports Marketing
        * Unit 12:Sports Fundraising
        * Unit 13:Sports Sponsorship
        * Unit 14:Working with the Community

    On the course you will learn skills associated with general management principles as well as a greater understanding of the human body and how it works. You will develop a good understanding of how nutrition plays a vital role in sport, and learn how to plan an exercise regime and diet for a sports person. The final part of the course concentrates on specific sports management functions in which you will gain a sound basic knowledge.

    Who can take the Diploma in Sports Management?

    The Diploma in Sports Management is from UK Open Learning, one of the UK’s leading distance learning providers. This interesting course could be the first step to a successful career in sports management. No prior knowledge is required - the course is open to anyone.

    How does the Sports Management course work?

    The great thing about distance learning is that you can study from home or work, at your own pace and in your own time. You will also have your very own professional personal tutor offering unlimited support via email and post, seven days a week.  He or she will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you advice as to how to complete the course successfully.

    Is the Diploma in Sports Management a recognised qualification?

    Yes, you will receive 3 qualifications the OCN award in Fitness and Nutrition with 6 Learning Credits and the OCN award in Anatomy and Physiology with 3 Learning Credits along with a UK Open Learning Diploma in Sports Management.

    OCN Information

    OCN’s work with organisations providing your learning to ensure that the content of your course and the way it is assed is of the highest quality and it suitable for the people who wish to take it.

    As a learner on an OCN approved course you are entitled to earn credits for the work that you do. For each successful course you complete, you will be awarded a certificate detailing the number of credits you have achieved.

    You can then use your credits to move to a higher level of learning, or to prove to an employer or anyone else that you have obtained new skills and knowledge. OCN credits are generally accepted as a means of entry to further study by Further and Higher Education providers and by a larger number of employers and trainers.

    You can use your credits to demonstrate your achievements and prove that you have knowledge and skills in a wide range of subjects. Depending on which level of course you take, you can use the credits to progress onto other courses.

    Study Details:

    This course can be studied at your own pace and there are no deadlines for assignments to be completed, however you must complete the full course within 12 months from the date you receive the course. To complete this course it will take in the region of 120 study hours, which can be spread over the 12 month period.

    Is there a word count for the assignments?

    No, there is no specific word count but you have to prove to the tutor that you have full understood the questions, one sentence answers will not be accepted, your tutor will ask you to complete the assignment again and re-submit it.

    Is there a final exam at the end of the course?

    No your qualification is awarded on successful completion of your assignments.

    Is there any further reading?

    No, everything you need to complete the course is included however any further reading you do on the subject is always beneficial.

    What happens if I’ve paid for the course but find it unsuitable?

    Not a problem. If you return it within seven days, we’ll give you a complete refund as long as the course is in resalable condition.

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