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Digital Electronics - Course

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  • Practical experience
    Practical “Hands-On” experience: - 50% approx.
  • Academic Title
    Hi-Tech Training Certificate
  • Course description

    Aim: - To enable participants to build, test, and fault-find common Digital Electronic circuits used in computers and computer controlled

    Learning Objectives: -
    • Study and use of popular Digital Electronic gates and more advanced circuits.
    • Building and fault-finding a range of Digital Electronic circuits.
    • Use test equipment including Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, logic probes and pulsers to implement systematic fault-finding techniques.

    Course Content: -
    • Health & Safety, Care of Tools and instruments for assembly and repair
    • Introduction to Electronics: - Electric Current, OHMS Law, Insulation, Conduction and related Formulae. Resistor colour codes.
    • Numbering systems, TTL and CMOS technologies
    • Practical study of Digital I.C.’s including AND, NAND, OR, NOR, X-OR, Inverter, Buffer, SR Latches and D-Latches.
    • Oscillators, Multivibrators and 555 Timers. Switches and Switch De-bounce circuits and their applications
    • Counters, Counter Decoding Circuitry, Shift Registers
    • A-D and D-A converters
    • Digital Displays: - LED and LCD, numeric and alphanumeric, operating currents, voltages and power requirements. Display decoders and drivers.
    • Test Equipment: - Practical use of Analogue and Digital Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Logic probes, Logic Pulsers, etc.
    • Fault-finding techniques: - Diagnosing and rectifying faults on circuits built during course.

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