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Master in Arts in Automotive Journalism

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  • Entry requirements
    ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS Normal entry requires a good undergraduate degree on the British model in Journalism or in a cognate discipline in the arts, humanities or social sciences. Equivalent qualifications from overseas and professional qualifications are also acceptable and, in specific cases, may even be credited towards postgraduate qualification. Applicants with professional/industrial experience and /or training, but not meeting the normal entry requirements will be considered on their merits. Overseas students must demonstrate the nature of their education and qualifications in their application proving a high standard of English competence before embarking on the programme. ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT For entry to the MA programme, students must have a qualification equivalent to level 7 on the English Speaking Union (ESU) scale. The most common qualifications are: TOEFL score of 600 IELTS score of 7.00 GCE English Language grade B Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English Please note that these scores are considered a basic requirement, other language qualifications may be accepted by the University. It is possible that those with lower IELTS /Toefl scores may be considered for entry but - you may be required to participate in and successfully complete the Universitys language tuition programmes as a condition of entry.
  • Academic Title
    Master in Arts in Automotive Journalism
  • Course description
    Our Postgraduate Programme offers you exciting and dynamic courses arising from a long tradition of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, research and scholarship at Coventry University. As one of the founding departments in the field in the UK, over twenty-five years ago, its staff has included many seminal figures in many aspects of Communication, Culture and Media studies. This programme constitutes an extension of our history of Masters provision in the area of specialised journalism.

    The Programme is modular in structure, leading to the Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Journalism, and Masters qualifications in Automotive Journalism and International Media Journalism.

    Reasons to choose Automotive Journalism MA degree

    The Automotive Journalism MA draws on our established links within the fields of print and broadcast journalism, and automotive design. It will enable you to develop a core of journalistic skills and knowledge which are generic requirements of the profession, together with a specific field of expertise: the automotive industry. You will study the essentials of journalism, ranging from legal issues to practical writing, and you will also study the context of the todays automotive industry - how it works and the issues it faces.

    Career prospects include positions on specialist trade publications in the field, specialist reporting for more general publications, and specialist broadcast or web-based journalism, as well as opportunities for roles within communications, marketing and public relations within the automotive and transport industries.

    The International Media Journalism MA draws on our established links within the fields of print and broadcast journalism, and current research within the subject group in international media and communication. It will enable you to develop a core of journalistic skills and knowledge which are generic requirements of the profession together with a specific field of expertise: the International media context. You will study the essentials of journalism, ranging from legal issues to practical writing, and you will also study the context of international media organisations and global /international issues facing and addressed by all media.

    Future prospects

    Career prospects include positions within established media/broadcasting organisations in a range of national and international contexts, positions in newspapers, specialist and trade publications as a specialist reporter particularly those with international focus. Opportunities will also exist in emerging broadcast contexts such as web-based text journalism, web- TV and web-radio.

    Course content

    The CCM Postgraduate Programme offers three levels of qualification:

        * Postgraduate Certificate in Specialist Journalism PgCert CCM, (60 Credits);
        * Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Journalism PgDip CCM (120 Credits);

    Masters qualifications MA ( 180 Credits) in one of the following areas:

        * MA Automotive Journalism,
        * MA International Media Journalism.


    All students on the Specialist Journalism Programme take the Mandatory Core Modules:

        * M20CMC Law Government & Public Administration introduces students to necessary knowledge of legal and regulatory and governmental frameworks within which journalists must work
        * M21CMC and M22CMC Journalism Skills and Techniques I & II Introduces and develops the necessary professional and research skills in this area.
        * M23CMC Professional Practice in Specialist Journalism, in which students experience the practices of a professional journalistic environment in their chosen specialist field
        * M26CMC Journalism Themes and Issues, which deals with the theoretical aspects of contemporary journalism, including ethical issues, questions of media ownership and representation
        * M24CMC Postgraduate Journal enables students to develop and present key editing and journalistic evaluation skills by taking part in the production of their own in-house publication
        * M25CMC MA Journalism Research Project enables students to undertake masters level research and produce a final project and reflective report.


    Students obtain their named Masters awards by choosing one of the Specialist (Route Mandatory) Modules. This module, together with their Professional Practice in Specialist Journalism and their choice of dissertation topic M25CMC in an appropriate specialist area - defines their Masters award.

    Automotive Journalism - M60ID Automotive Industry in Context - enables students to explore current issues within the field, e.g. questions of markets/globalization, environmentalism, and legislation; together with longstanding issues of the economics and technicalities of production, national traditions and the language of Automotive design. These issues are explored through journalistic pieces and by exposure to industry expertise.

    International Media Journalism - M27CMC International Media and Communication Studies - is intended for students seeking to work within and report on international issues specifically framed by contemporary media. It addresses the Globalisation of the communications and media industries, media ownership and concentration, the role of international agencies in the new communication order, ethical and rights issues in global media. Students engage with these issues through theoretical investigation and in the production of journalistic work.


    Postgraduate Certificate Stage ( FT 3 months PT 6 months)

    For the PgCert Specialist Journalism, full-time students must complete: the Core Modules: M20CMC and M21CMC, and one of the Route Mandatory core modules: M60ID, or M27CMC. Part-time students take M20CMC, M21CMC and M26CMC.

    Postgraduate Diploma Stage ( FT 6 months PT 18 months)

    For the PgDip Specialist Journalism, having completed the PgCert stage, full-time students take M22CMC, M23CMC and M26CMC. Part-time students in their second year take: one of the Route Mandatory core modules M60ID, or M27CMC with M22CMC and M23CMC.

    The Masters Stage ( FT 12 months PT 24 months)

    Having completed the Diploma Stage and having met progression requirements, students take their masters stage modules: M24CMC Postgraduate Journal and M25CMC MA Journalism Research Project. Part-time students are encouraged to attend M24CMC in both years of study.


    The CMC Postgraduate Programme in Specialist Journalism is taught by staff of the Communication Media and Culture Subject Group at Coventry University, which comprises 19 academics, all with extensive teaching experience in the field, together with key staff from the Automotive Design MA from the Industrial Design Subject Group. The staff teaching on the Programme are all currently active in research, scholarly activity, and/or professional practice to inform and enhance their teaching. These activities include professional journalism, video and photography exhibition, research/publication in Media, Communications and Cultural issues and extensive professional experience and links with the automotive industry.


    Teaching takes the form of a mixture of lectures, seminars , discussions and workshops. Students are expected to read widely, contribute actively to discussions, and devise study topics for themselves in negotiation with tutors.

    Modules are assessed entirely by coursework, including: several forms of written and media based journalistic assignments, essays, reports and projects. Students must normally achieve an average mark of 50% on their PgD Stage modules before proceeding to the MA Stage .

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