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Advanced Electronic Security Engineering Technology Postgraduate Course

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  • Course description
    1 Part
    1: The Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Industry

    Ø  Role of CCTV;

    Ø  The CCTV Industry.

    Part 2: SI Units of Measurement 

    Ø  The Basic Units;

    Ø  Derived Units;

    Ø  Metric Prefixes.

    Part 3: Light and Television

    Ø  Development ;

    Ø  Light and the Human Eye;

    Ø  Light Units;

    Ø  Object Illumination in CCTV;

    Ø  Light onto an Imaging Device;

    Ø  Colors in Television;

    Ø  Color Temperatures and Light

    Ø  Eye Persistence.

    Part 4: Optics in CCTV
    Ø  Refraction;

    Ø  Lenses as Optical Elements;

    Ø  Geometrical Construction of

    Ø  Aspherical Lenses;

    Ø  CTF and MTF;

    Ø  F and T Numbers;

    Ø  Depth of Field;

    Ø  Neutral Density (ND) Filters;

    Ø  Manual, Auto, and Motorized
    Iris Lenses;

    Ø  Video- And DC-Driven Auto
    Iris Lenses;

    Ø  Auto Iris Lens Electronics;

    Ø  Image and Lens Formats in

    Ø  Angles of View and How to
    Determine Them;

    Ø  Fixed Focal Length Lenses;

    Ø  Zoom Lenses;

    Ø  C- And CS-Mount and

    Ø  Back-Focus Adjustment;

    Ø  Optical Accessories in CCTV.


    Part 5: Television Systems
    Ø  Development of TelevisionSystems;

    Ø  Basics of Television;

    Ø  Video Signal and Its Spectrum;

    Ø  Color Video Signal;

    Ø  Resolution;

    Ø  Instruments Commonly Used in

    Ø  Oscilloscope;

    Ø  Spectrum Analyzer;

    Ø  Vectorscope;

    Ø  International Television

    Ø  HDTV.

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